Undergraduate Information

Freshman Admission

Freshman applicants for college admission are those who have graduated from high school, are nearing completion of high school or have earned a General Equivalency Diploma (GED).  Applicants must satisfy the freshman admission requirements. All freshman applicants must submit test results from either the American College Testing (ACT) Examination or the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT-I).

Applicants for admission to the freshman class should submit their application materials as early as possible in their senior year of high school. All students are required to submit the ApplyTexas Application for admission and a nonrefundable $40.00 processing fee. Transcripts submitted should include all semesters of high school credits as soon as grades are available. Applicants are requested to furnish final transcripts immediately following graduation from high school. All students are required to have Texas Success Initiative Assessment (TSIA) scores on file prior to registration.


Eligibility for admission is determined by evaluation of the completed application and supporting documents. All first time college freshmen must submit the following items to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions:

Completed Apply Texas Application for Admission.

A $40 nonrefundable processing fee which is due for each semester an applicant applies. An additional $15 late fee will be assessed for applications submitted after the  deadline date.  A fee waiver may be submitted in lieu of the $40 fee by first time freshmen students only. The university accepts  ACT, SAT, or NACAC Application fee waivers. Faxed, e-mailed or scanned waivers will not be accepted.

Official high school transcript for all previous work showing completion, or GED certificate showing that the equivalent of a diploma has been earned.

An official SAT Reasoning Test or ACT score report. Scores may be sent directly from the testing agency or from your high school.  Faxed, e-mailed or scanned reports will not be accepted.

For a freshman to complete the application file and finalize the admission process, a final transcript must be sent directly from the applicant’s high school. It is the responsibility of the student to request the transcript be sent. The high school transcript must include the graduation date and rank in class.  Faxed, emailed or scanned transcripts will not be accepted.

Admission to the Roy G. Perry College of Engineering

Transfer students include those from other units within Prairie View A&M University as well as those from other educational institutions. Transfer students external to Prairie View A&M University must furnish an official transcript to the Office of Undergraduate Admission for evaluation of all college level work completed. Transfer students with less than 30 semester hours of transferable credits are admitted under the criteria for first time freshmen. (See Freshman Admission).

Students with 30 semester hours or more of transferable credit must meet the following requirements:

  1. Students must meet the Prairie View A&M University and the Roy G. Perry College of Engineering admission requirements.
  2. Must have “C” or higher in all transfer courses.
  3. Must have a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.50 on a 4.00 scale in all math, science and engineering courses.

Students who meet these criteria will be admitted directly into a major. Those students who do not meet the criteria will need to have their records reviewed and be considered on individual merits for conditional admission by the Roy G. Perry College of Engineering.


Any applicant who provides false or misleading information for proper determination of admission and residency is subject to any or all of the following penalties:

  1. Withdrawal from all classes with no refund
  2. Dismissal from the institution
  3. Loss of credit earned while under incorrect admission or residency status

A written appeal must be submitted to the Office of Undergraduate Admission Advisory Committee, P. O. Box 519, Mail Stop 1009, Prairie View, Texas 77446

Resolution of Transfer Disputes for Lower-Division Courses

To assist students who transfer to Prairie View A&M University from other public colleges and universities in Texas, the University carefully evaluates course credits presented for acceptance toward fulfillment of degree requirements. In the event the University denies credit for a course a student has taken at another institution, notification of that denial will be transmitted to the student.

  1. The following procedures shall be followed by institutions of higher education in the resolution of credit transfer disputes involving lower-division courses:
    1. If an institution of higher education does not accept course credit earned by a student at another institution of higher education, the receiving institution shall give written notice to the student and to the sending institution that transfer of the course credit is denied, and shall include in that notice the reasons for denying the credit. Attached to the written notice shall be the procedures for resolution of transfer disputes for lower-division courses as outlined in this section, accompanied by clear instructions outlining the procedure for appealing the decision to the Commissioner.
    2. A student who receives notice as specified in paragraph (1) of this subsection may dispute the denial of credit by contacting a designated official at either the sending or the receiving institution.
    3. The two institutions and the student shall attempt to resolve the transfer of the course credit in accordance with Board rules and guidelines.
  2. If the transfer dispute is not resolved to the satisfaction of the student or the sending institution within 45 days after the date the student received written notice of denial, the sending institution may notify the Commissioner in writing of the request for transfer dispute resolution, and the institution that denies the course credit for transfer shall notify the Commissioner in writing of its denial and the reasons for the denial. The Commissioner or the Commissioner's designee shall make the final determination about a dispute concerning the transfer of course credit and give written notice of the determination to the involved student and institutions.
  3. The Board shall collect data on the types of transfer disputes that are reported and the disposition of each case that is considered by the Commissioner or the Commissioner's designee.
  4. If a receiving institution has cause to believe that a course being presented by a student for transfer from another school is not of an acceptable level of quality, it should first contact the sending institution and attempt to resolve the problem. In the event that the two institutions are unable to come to a satisfactory resolution, the receiving institution may notify the Commissioner, who may investigate the course. If its quality is found to be unacceptable, the Board may discontinue funding for the course.

Academic Fresh Start Admission

According to Section 51.931 of the Texas Education Code, a Texas resident may apply for admission to the University as an undergraduate student and request that course credit or grades earned ten or more years prior to the semester the applicant plans to enroll not be considered. The applicant must meet the standards for one of the other types of admission. Students admitted under the “fresh start” option may not receive credit for any course work taken ten/or more years prior to enrollment. A student who elects the fresh start will forfeit TSIA exemption normally awarded to a student who had earned 3 SCH of transferable college work before 1989.

Admitted Fresh Start applicants have “Academic Fresh Start” indicated on their official Prairie View A&M University transcript. Forfeited course work cannot be considered as prerequisites, but placement examinations are allowed for courses that were not considered for admission because of the Fresh Start. Once admitted on Academic Fresh Start, the enrolled student cannot subsequently request that the Fresh Start policy restrictions be removed.

Students must submit a written request to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions to enter under the Academic Fresh Start admission option. The Fresh Start Program provisions can be used only once at Prairie View A&M University. If an applicant has used the Academic Fresh Start Policy at a previous school, the Academic Fresh Start will remain in effect at Prairie View A&M University upon transfer.

There may be implications for financial aid and veteran’s benefits for students admitted under Academic Fresh Start.

Automatic Admissions

Applicants from Texas accredited high schools who graduate in the top 25% of the high school graduating class and have completed the recommended, distinguished or foundation with endorsement programs of achievement.

Freshman Admissions Criteria

  • Official high school transcript. Distinguished, Recommended or Foundation with Endorsements High School Program or GED Certificatate
  • Minimum GPA: 2.75 on a 4.0 Scale
  • Official SAT/ACT Minimum Scores:  710 SAT (Critical Reading & Math) or 800 (New SAT - Total Score) or 15 ACT
  • The following STARR scores are required: English I/Reading & Writing, English II, Biology, Algebra I, and United States History


Admission to the Roy G. Perry College of Engineering

Admission to the Roy G. Perry College of Engineering is based on the University’s undergraduate admissions requirements plus the following additional admissions criteria for the Roy G. Perry College of Engineering. For more detailed information and the categories, proceed to the Roy G. Perry College of Engineering General Information section.

General Transfer Admission

Applicants who have earned fewer than 15 transferable semester credit hours (SCH) and have a 2.0 college grade point average (GPA) will be admitted if they satisfy the regular requirements for freshman admissions. (See Freshman Admissions).  This applicant must have graduated high school within the previous (12) months.

A student transferring from community/junior college or another university with 15 or more transferable semester credit hours will be admitted with a cumulative grade point average of 2.00 or higher on a 4.0 scale from the last school attended. Official transcripts of all coursework completed at each institution must be submitted. Remedial and some technical courses in which grades of “D” or “F” were earned will not be accepted. A student on academic probation or suspension from another institution is not in good academic standing and is not eligible for admission. Transfer students must satisfy all Prairie View A&M University requirements for graduation. All courses and grades transferred from other colleges and/or universities are recorded as received on the student’s academic record at Prairie View A&M University. Changes in the evaluation of transfer credit will not be permitted after one (1) year from the student’s initial evaluation at Prairie View A&M University. Grades earned at other institutions may not be used to remove a grade point deficiency acquired in residence at Prairie View A&M University.

Students wishing to transfer must submit the following items to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions:

  1. Completed ApplyTexas application for admission.
  2. The $40.00 non-refundable application processing fee which is due for each semester an applicant applies.
  3. Official college/university transcript(s) from all institutions attended. Faxed, emailed or scanned transcripts will not be accepted.
  4. If applicable, a written request to use the Academic Fresh Start Program, prior to admission.

If a student has successfully completed the 42-semester credit hour core mandated by the state of Texas, the student will have fulfilled the core curriculum requirements for Prairie View A&M University. A student who has not completed the core curriculum elsewhere will be required to complete the University core. A student must meet special program requirements in addition to general core curriculum requirements.

International Student Information

All International students must comply with INS rules and regulations. Undergraduate international students must complete the application and pay the non-refundable $50.00 application processing fee in U.S. currency. All International students must submit the following in addition to the above listed items:

  1. Evidence of ability to Finance Education – Affidavit of financial support as well as certification of ability to finance study while attending Prairie View A&M University. No student should depend upon receiving an out-of-state fee waiver. Applications for such waivers must be made as part of the competitive scholarship process and is separate from the admissions process.
  2. Evidence of ability to speak, write, and comprehend written and oral English language. All students must present a score of 500 on the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) administered by the Educational Testing Service in Princeton, NJ as a part of the application process for admission to the university. Any student who graduated from a secondary education institution in the United States or who earned a score of 18 on the English Section of the ACT or a 400 on the Verbal component of the SAT Reasoning Test exempt from the TOEFL.
  3. Confirmation of Immigration Status International students seeking I-20AB (Certification of Eligibility for Nonimmigrant [F-1] Student Status) must secure certification forms in person. If the form is not picked up in person, it will be forwarded by U.S. mail only.
  4. Evaluation of foreign transcripts. Applicants must submit official transcripts for all high school and college work completed up to the time of expected enrollment. An evaluation of all foreign college transcripts must be completed by: Educational Credential Evaluators, Inc., P.O. Box 514070, Milwaukee, WI 53203-3470, (414) 289-3400, Span Tran Educational Services, P.O. Box 7211 Regency Square Blvd. Suite #205, Houston, Texas 77036, (713) 266-8805 or World Education Services (www.wes.org), Bowling Green Station, P. O. Box 5087, New York, NY 10274-5087, (212) 966-6311

All international students admitted to the University must first report to the Immigration Services Coordinator, Harrington Science Building, Room 107D and present all immigration documents for inspection and entry into the record. All immunization records are to be presented directly to the Owens-Franklin Health Center by the student.

All items on the application must be fully answered. All communications regarding admission to the University should be sent to: Office of Undergraduate Admissions, Prairie View A&M University, P.O. Box 519, Mail Stop 1009, Prairie View, Texas 77446.

New Term

Students who do not enroll for the semester, for which they are accepted, must complete a new application and pay the appropriate application fee for the new semester in which they intend to enroll. Official documents received for a previous term may be added to their new file provided the documents were received within the prior twelve months. This must be done prior to the listed application processing deadlines in this chart.

Application Area Summer Fall Spring
Undergraduate Admissions Priority Dates April 1 June 1 November 1
International Admissions March 1 June 1 October 1
University Village (Housing) 1 Upperclassman NA July 1 December 1
Financial Aid March 1 March 1 November 1
Freshman Scholarship NA March 1 NA
Transfer Scholarship NA June 1 NA
University College (Housing) 1 (Freshman) NA July 1 December 1

 Assignments are on a first-come, first-serve basis and are not guaranteed until the signing of the lease by all parties.

 All materials required to complete the undergraduate admissions application process are due in the Office of Undergraduate Admissions according to the schedule listed above.

Admission Appeal Procedure

A student who is denied admission may appeal their admissions decision in writing to the following: Appeals@pvamu.edu.

Special Admissions

Concurrent Enrollment for High School Students

The Concurrent Admission Program is designed to provide a university-supervised program offering college credit to outstanding high school students. Students must meet the following requirements to be admitted to the program:

  1. Complete the eleventh grade by the date of expected enrollment in college classes.
  2. Cumulative high school grade point average of 2.50 on a 4.0 scale by the end of the first semester of the junior year.
  3. ACT composite score of 17 or an SAT Reasoning Test-I total score of 820 (Combined Critical Reading/Verbal  & Math) or more.
  4. Written permission from parent(s) or legal guardian(s).
  5. Letter of recommendation from the high school counselor.
  6. Complete all TSIA sections satisfactorily or have obtained a TSIA exemption prior to course registration.

A permanent college record is established once a student has completed a full term and is enrolled. The University will release the banked college credit(s) when an official transcript identifies successful completion of the high school graduation requirements. A maximum of two academic courses may be taken during the Fall, Spring or Summer semester. Courses a student may take include English, History, Mathematics, Political Science (Government), or other’s approved by the dean of the school or college where the student is enrolled.

Home Schooled

Students who graduate from high schools not accredited by the Texas Education Agency or who are home schooled may be considered if they have a 710 SAT(Verbal & Math) or 800 (New SAT - Total Score, or an ACT composite 15 or above and a 2.75 GPA on a 4.0 scale.

Dual Credit Programs

High-achieving seniors from local schools are offered the opportunity to enroll in selected collegiate level classes to earn credit. These banked college credits will not be issued until the student has graduated from high school and met the admission requirements. Students with banked college credit must request the official college transcripts to be sent to Office of Undergraduate Admissions upon high school graduation.

Former Students

Students who have previously attended Prairie View A&M University and do not enroll for courses during one or more semesters, but who wish to return, must submit an Former student application for admission and pay an application processing fee. If a student has attended any other institution while away from Prairie View A&M University, the student must submit all official transcripts.  The student will be classified as a Former student.  Transfer credits will be evaluated and applied as appropriate.

Transient Students

A transient student is one who is currently enrolled in another college or university, is in good standing, and desires admission to Prairie View A&M University for a limited period, usually one semester or summer term. Admission as a transient student is determined after the completed application has been reviewed and approved and the application processing fee has been paid.