Summer and International Enrichment Programs

Pre-College Success Programs

Academy for Collegiate Excellence and Student Success (ACCESS)

The Academy for Collegiate Excellence and Student Success (ACCESS) is a “bridge to college” program that provides intensive preparation and support for students who want to be successful in college. ACCESS has three key strategies: intensive academic enhancement, effective advisement coupled with centralized support services and a structured, academically-focused residential environment. The curriculum for the “academic boot camp” concentrates on learning strategies which address the skill areas of Problem Solving and Critical Thinking. The students attend daily classes in Composition, Critical Thinking, Math, Reading, Problem Solving and nightly study halls and specialized workshops. ACCESS students participate in leadership training, social/personal development activities and cultural enrichment experiences. These activities broaden students’ horizons and require them to utilize the critical thinking and problem solving skills they are developing in the classroom. Since 2006 ACCESS has included service learning in its pedagogy. The students participate in common reading/writing assignments that center around social problems in America today and perform services related to these areas. Student reflection is a critical piece. ACCESS promotes the concept that “A good college affirms that service to others is a central part of education.” (The Carnegie Foundation) ACCESS students continue to surpass the average retention and graduation rates of their peers at PVAMU.

Participants must be residents of the state of Texas and recent high school graduates or GEDs. Participation is competitive. Students must complete an entrance survey and participate in an interview process.

Application Deadline: April 30, but students are accepted beginning in December.

Cost: $300.00; a small number of fee waivers are available.


P.O. Box 519: M.S. 3000
University College
Prairie View, Texas 77446
Office: (936) 261-5900
Fax: (936) 857-1079

College Level Success Programs

Architectural Concepts Institute (ACI)

The ACI program is designed for academically well-prepared entering and transfer students. It is structured to accelerate their entry into the study of architecture by completing some of the freshman courses during the summer prior to their regular admission in the fall. Each student may complete up to twelve semester hours of architecture courses in the design sequence during a very intensive ten-week summer session. These sessions will allow each student to test his or her capabilities and interests in architecture while earning credit toward the Bachelor of Science in Architecture degree. Upon successful completion of these courses, coupled with careful selection and scheduling of other courses, the student may complete the five year professional architecture program early.

Admission to the program requires application to the university and receipt of either an honors admission or regular admission. Space is limited. Prospective participants should contact the School of Architecture during fall or spring semester of their senior year in high school to request additional information and materials.

Dr. Ikhlas Sabouni, Dean
School of Architecture
P.O. Box 519, MS 2100
Prairie View, TX 77446
Office: (936) 261-9800
Fax: (936) 261-9826

The Roy G. Perry College of Engineering Enhancement Institute (CE2I )

The Roy G. Perry College of Engineering Enhancement Institute (CE2I) is an innovative and intensive summer bridge-to-college program designed to prepare students for the rigors of an Engineering, Computer Science, or Technology Curriculum and to aid with the transition between high school and college. The Institute is a five-week residential program, where participants will complete coursework in Math, Science, Technology, and Professional Development Activities. The Institute is math intensive. A math assessment test will be administered initially to determine the appropriate math placement. The program goal is to achieve a mastery of one math level higher than the student placed when he/she entered the program. The program will also introduce students to basic concepts in chemistry, physics, and computing. Students will experience professional development activities including field trips to area engineering and technology industries; personal and professional development seminars and workshops (i.e. time management, study skills, learning style inventories, effective use of study groups and seven (7) habits of successful people).

Exceptional opportunities for summer internships and scholarships result from the CE2I experience.

Cost: $250.00; non-refundable.


Dr. Kendall T. Harris, Dean
Roy G. Perry College of Engineering
P.O. Box 519, MS 2500
Prairie View, TX 77446
Office: (936) 261-9890
Fax: (936) 261-9868

Education Abroad

In recognition of the importance of preparing students to succeed in a global society, Prairie View A&M University offers students the opportunity to participate in education abroad.  The requirements are as follows:

  • Attain a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.50 (undergraduate students)
  • Attain a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 (graduate students)
  • Completion of 30 semester credit hours of college level work and completion of any developmental courses
  • Be in good academic and conduct standing and remain in good standing
  • Enroll in the University during the semester of application and the semester or summer term(s) that the student anticipates participating in education abroad.

Students are required to apply and must be approved to participate in education abroad.  Additionally, students must obtain approval from their advisor, department or division head, and dean for external education abroad programs.

Specific program eligibility requirements vary. Some programs have additional requirements that may include a higher GPA, proficiency in a certain language, or other prerequisites.

Prairie View A&M University reserves the right to approve, disapprove, or retract approval of a student’s participation in education abroad.

Please see additional education abroad information at the following website link: Contact the office of International Affairs at (936) 261-2147 or for additional information.

Panther Pride Summer Bridge Program

Panther Pride is a five (5) week summer program designed especially for incoming Prairie View freshmen only who are interested in taking the necessary steps to jump-start their academic career. Program participants will have the opportunity to:

  • complete six (6) hours of college level coursework.
  • experience residence life by staying in University College.
  • take part in academic and social enhancement workshops.
  • network with faculty, staff, and administrators.

Qualified Panther Pride applicants are those who meet the following criteria:

  • ACT score 16 or higher
  • SAT score of  750 or higher
  • High school GPA 2.5 or higher
  • Favorable Teachers’ Evaluations

Because PVAMU is dedicated to the academic success of our students, the University will cover the cost of tuition, fees, housing, and meals associated with participating in the Panther Pride Program.   Additionally, each participant will receive a $100 dollar book voucher to offset the cost of required textbooks. Program participants are responsible for paying the required University College housing deposit of $150 (required for the Fall semester) and the remaining cost for textbooks that is approximately $200.

Office of Student Engagement

Memorial Student Center, Suite 221
Office: (936) 261- 1340

The Office of Student Engagement is charged with offering programs and services that enhance student development through exposure to and participation in diverse and relevant social, cultural, intellectual, recreational, community service, leadership development, and campus governance programs.

The wide array of student organizations offered at the University include: the Student Government Association, Campus Activities Board, Panther Advisor Leaders (PALS), Gold Members Club, the Council of Student Organizations (CSO), Student Publications, and the National Pan-Hellenic Council.

Additionally, the Cheerleaders, the Panther Dolls, Back to Basics Life Skills Enhancement Program and Mr. and Miss Prairie View A&M University are advised by staff members in Student Engagement.

Johnson-Phillip All Faiths Chapel

The Chapel (936) 261-3590

If students are looking for a place to develop and nurture their spiritual relationship with their Creator, the Johnson-Phillip Chapel provides a space for all faiths to exercise their participation in campus ministry. Through the Chapel, student development is enhanced through exposure to various faith seminars, cultural exchange, intellectual and spiritual dialogue and service.

Regular, special, and community services sponsored by the Chapel include: Ash Wednesday service, Tuesday Noonday Meditation/Prayer service, Outreach through Fellowship and Faith (O.F.F.) and weekly Bible study.

Veterans Services

Evans Hall, Room 323 (936) 261-3563

The Office of Veterans Affairs partners with on- and off- campus units to deliver services and support to veteran students in achieving their educational goals. The unique experiences of veteran students require that this office collaborate with all elements of campus life: counseling services, disability services, career services, and other entities to bring a full array of support services in play to assist veterans to persist and achieve their academic goal. This Office serves as a resource and advocate for the needs of veterans and on issues that pertain to equal access, affordability, recruitment, and retention.

Recreational Sports

Student Recreation Center, (936) 261-3925

Recreational sports programs are viewed as essential components of higher education, supplementing the educational process through enhancement of students’ physical, mental, and emotional development. Students who participate in recreational sports tend to develop positive self-images, awareness of strengths, increased tolerance and self-control, and maturity – all gleaned from recreational sports experiences and their mantra Play it for life!

The University joins this view and will begin construction of a new state of the art recreation and wellness center that will host a variety of activities that satisfy the diverse needs of students, faculty, staff members, and where appropriate, guests, alumni, and public participants. This office urges students to get involved.

Office of Student Conduct

Evans Hall, (936) 261-3560

Civility inside and outside of the classroom is a University priority and when students cannot abide by the rules, they usually receive a communication from the Office of Student Conduct. This Office develops and enforces standards of conduct for students as an educational endeavor with benefits in social and personal development. Standards of conduct form the basis for behavioral expectations in the living/learning environment and prepare students for the responsibilities of citizenship.

Integrity, wisdom, and empathy are among the characteristics most important to the administration of student conduct standards and the University charges the Office of Student Conduct to utilize these characteristics to discharge their duties in a fair and consistent manner.

Office of Equal Opportunity/Title IX Coordinator

A.I. Thomas Administration Bldg., Ste. 013, (936) 261-2123

No person in the United States shall, on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any education program or activity receiving Federal financial assistance."Legal Citation: Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, and its implementing regulation at 34 C.F.R. Part 106 (Title IX)

Each university receiving Federal financial assistance must designate at least one professional employee as the Title IX Coordinator to oversee compliance efforts and investigate any complaint of sex discrimination.

The Title IX Coordinator is responsible for monitoring the overall implementation of Title IX for the university and coordinating compliance with Title IX in all areas covered by the implementing regulations.

Adoption of procedures to provide prompt and equitable resolution of complaints is a critical function of the Title IX Coordinator. The Coordinator can assist persons alleging sexual harassment or discrimination in filing their grievance(s) and/or oversee the step­ by-step procedure to be sure that appropriate time frames are met.

In carrying out this responsibility, the Coordinator may work in concert with other university officials, including the Associate Vice President of Student Affairs and the Student Conduct Officer. If the Title IX Coordinator does not conduct the investigation of complaints, the Coordinator should receive information about any grievances filed related to Title IX compliance. This procedure allows the institution to identify any patterns or repeat offenders that may be missed otherwise. The Coordinator should also receive sufficient information throughout the process so that the Coordinator can provide necessary guidance or information to ensure that the institution carries out its responsibilities under Title IX.

The Title IX Coordinator at Prairie View A&M University is Ms. Alexia Taylor, who also serves as Equal Opportunity Compliance Officer.

Special Programs and Cultural Series

While the bulk of learning goes on in the University classrooms and research labs, the Office of Special Programs and Cultural Series works to keep the learning going. Students are able to explore many intellectual topics presented by guest lectures and national figures in the Students Participating in Transcendent (S.P.I.T.) Knowledge lecture series. Other initiatives with an aim to assist students to develop include health and wellness programs, a domestic violence self-defense mini-course, and Relay for Life.

As the University increase in the number and diversity of students, the Office of Special Programs and Cultural Series provides programs that respond to a changing demographics and changing social agenda across the nation. This program seeks to provide a clear and cogent introduction to a multitude of important issues while responding to the need to enhance and dovetail the overall classroom experience.