The President’s Message to Students

Established in 1876 as a land-grant institution, PVAMU is the second oldest public university in Texas and has served as the educational foundation for some of the nation’s best and brightest. It is the place where a rich tradition meets valuable opportunities.  The University enjoys an established reputation for producing engineers, corporate leaders, nurses and educators. The eight colleges and schools housed on the campus boast a variety of degree programs, including engineering, natural sciences, architecture, business, technology criminal justice, the humanities, education, nursing and the social sciences.  Master’s degree programs in business, education, engineering, natural sciences, nursing, selected social sciences, agriculture and human sciences are available as well as doctoral programs are offered in education, engineering and juvenile justice.

As a student at this University, you can expect:

  • A commitment to academic achievement and opportunities that will offer a real education. That means an education that not only teaches you what your professors know, but provides you with tools for your own exploration, expansion of ideas and attainment of knowledge.
  • To be provided with outlets and opportunities for student leadership and personal development.
  • Opportunities for serving others by laying a foundation for a lifetime of service and choosing to help others and emphasizing the importance of service to this University and the community.
  • To be empowered to develop a sense of personal responsibility for your own choices and the resulting successes.
  • A huge dose of culture regardless of your race, ethnicity, culture or background. As PVAMU becomes more diverse, we will embrace the opportunity to educate a larger population of historically underserved individuals by exposing all students to other cultures.

What you achieve on your journey through PVAMU is largely a measure of your own hard work and tenacity. It is an investment of time, talent, energy and money that will continue to pay dividends for years to come. The greater the investment you make today, the greater your rewards will be in the future.

George C. Wright, Ph.D.

President Wright