C&I Instructional Design (CIID)


CIID 5713 Use of Emerging Technologies in Instructional Design: 3 semester hours.

An exploration of innovative ways to use emerging technologies in creating powerful and effective learning environments that will facilitate teaching and learning. Emphasis is on such topics as digital literacy and creation of instructional materials that include the use of blogs, podcasts, wikis, online social networks, virtual worlds, and digital game-based learning.

CIID 5723 instruction in the Digital Age: 3 semester hours.

Instructional uses of electronic resources in elementary and secondary classrooms. Emphasis is on assisting digital literacy development in elementary and secondary students, use of existing software and online instructional resources in content instruction, digital ethics, security issues, and the creation of online instructional materials.

CIID 5733 Designing Instruction for Individual Learners: 3 semester hours.

Use of electronic resources in meeting academic needs of individual learners. Emphasis is on evaluation of learner strengths and weaknesses in content areas, development of instructional materials to address established learner needs, data collection and analysis on individual learner's academic progress, and production of reports other documentation of results.

CIID 5743 Theories of Instructional Design: 3 semester hours.

Theories of Instructional Design. Traditional and emerging theories of instructional design are explored and evaluated. Emphasis is on the process of designing learner-centered instructions using both linear and non-linear models.

CIID 5753 Evaluation in Instructional Design: 3 semester hours.

Use of formative and summative evaluations in the development of effective instructional materials as well as program evaluation in the area of instructional technology. Emphasis is on planning and designing evaluations, developing appropriate instruments, collecting and analyzing data, and communicating results and recommendations.

CIID 5763 Multimedia in Instructional Design: 3 semester hours.

Exploration of multimedia learning and design principles for the creation of effective Web-based interactive instruction. Focus is on design and production of instructional video, typography, and graphic design.

CIID 5773 Research in Instructional Design: 3 semester hours.

An overview of research methodologies, including quantitative, qualitative, and mixed method approaches, in the area of instructional design. Emphasis is on creation of introduction, literature review, methodology, results and discussions for those interested in doing thesis research, research articles, or special projects.

CIID 5783 Designing Distance Learning Instruction: 3 semester hours.

Overview of distance education instruction and applications. Emphasis is on planning, developing, and adapting instruction and instructional materials for various distance learning environments.