Vocational Education (VOED)


VOED 4103 Development, Organization and Use of Instructional Materials: 3 semester hours.

Preparation of lesson plans and instructional sheets according to approved formats and designs. Study of available instructional materials and their adaptations: sources of materials and teaching aids; and organization of instructional materials for maximum effective use in teaching.

VOED 4203 Instructional Methods: 3 semester hours.

Brief review of how people learn. Evaluation of various teaching methods and adaptation of instructional methods to various types of lessons for effective instruction. Includes analysis for lesson content, preparation of lesson plans, and student presentation of various types of lessons.

VOED 4303 Shop Organization and Classroom Management: 3 semester hours.

A study of organizing classroom and training laboratories for efficient instruction and class management. Covers grading, keeping records, taking inventory, purchasing supplies, equipment specifications, equipment installation, climatic conditions, lighting, safety, and accident prevention.

VOED 4403 Occupational Analysis and Course-making: 3 semester hours.

A study of analysis techniques and guidelines. Includes analysis for individual occupations, review of systems analysis and organizing, preparing, and assembling courses.

VOED 4603 Aims and Objectives of Vocational Education: 3 semester hours.

Study of the goals and outcomes of vocational and career education. Considers the history and aims of administration of vocational and career education; federal structure for administration of vocational education; and economic, social and educational values of vocational education.

VOED 4803 Human Relations: 3 semester hours.

The study of personal relationships, drives and motivations, and interdependence of people in a democratic society. Considers the positive ideals of youth and adults. Examines qualities of leadership; principles of interests; principles involved in teaching ideals; behavioral problems; factors behind good human relations; and group dynamics.

VOED 5103 Placement and Follow-Up: 3 semester hours.

A study of various instruments, methods, and techniques used in determining occupational aptitudes and interests of students. Planning, organizing, and coordinating a program of job and vocational education placement. Development and coordination of student follow-up services.

VOED 5403 Occupational and Vocational Education: 3 semester hours.

Methods of collecting, evaluating, cataloging and disseminating occupational and vocational education information.

VOED 5603 Organization and Administration: 3 semester hours.

Analysis of skills and techniques of administering and supervising vocational programs in public schools. Rules and regulations for organizing and operating vocational education programs, including the financing of vocational programs using local, state, and federal funds.

VOED 5903 Planning and Organizing: 3 semester hours.

Purposes and functions of a guidance program. Group guidance procedures, components of a vocational guidance program, and techniques of providing vocational guidance services for elementary and secondary students and adults.

VOED 5933 Problems: 3 semester hours.

An in-depth study of the duties of the teacher coordinator of vocational programs. The identification of types of problems encountered, and the application of action-oriented problem-solving techniques. Problems encountered in both the school and the community are addressed.

VOED 5983 History and Principles: 3 semester hours.

The historical development of vocational education. Course involves an analysis and discussion of the objectives of vocational education, types of vocational programs, services and activities.