Mathematics, BS

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Core Curriculum 42 Credit Hours
Communication 6
Freshman Composition I
Freshman Composition II
Mathematics 3
Life and Physical Sciences (Select Two)6
Language, Philosophy, and Culture ( Select One)3
Creative Arts (Select One)3
American History (Select Two)6
Government/Political Science 6
American Government
Texas Government
Social and Behavioral Sciences (Select One)3
Component Area Option One (Select One)3
Component Area Option Two (Select One)3
Major Requirements
MATH 2413Calculus with Analytic Geometry I4
MATH 2414Calculus with Analytic Geometry II4
MATH 2320Differential Equations3
MATH 2305Discrete Mathematics3
MATH 3301Modern Algebra3
MATH 3401Calculus III4
MATH 3302Probability and Statistics3
MATH 3307Linear Algebra3
MATH 4100Mathematics Colloquium1
MATH 4306Numerical Analysis3
MATH 4308Advanced Calculus I3
Approved 3000 or 4000 Level Mathematics Courses6
Other Requirements
English (Writing) 13
Concentration (Select one from below)35
Total Hours120
Without Teacher Certification Concentration
MATH 4389Mathematics Capstone Course3
Computer Science Electives 2,311
General Electives21
Total Hours35
With Teacher Certification Concentration
MATH 4305Mathematics Teaching Capstone Course3
CUIN 3300Educational Foundations3
CUIN 3301Educational Psychology3
CUIN 4310Instructional Planning and Assessment3
CUIN 4311Instructional Methodology and Classroom Management3
CUIN 4682Student Teaching Secondary II6
Computer Science Elective 2,33
Foreign Language (one language)6
General Electives5
Total Hours35

Any ENGL Writing course can be taken to satisfy the English requirement.


Any COMP course can be taken to satisfy the Computer Science requirement. Other select courses may also be used to satisfy the Computer Science requirement. These courses can be verified in consultation with your mathematics advisor.


For students who are double majors in Computer Science and Mathematics or Computer Science majors with a minor in Mathematics, courses taken in the Computer Science major or other higher-level computer courses will satisfy the 11 SCH of Computer Science courses listed above in the Computer Science Elective area.