Computer Science, MS

Purpose and Goals

The Master’s degree programs prepare graduate students for positions in industry and research. Master’s degree graduates are also provided with a foundation for continuing their study at the doctoral level in Computer Science or Computer Information Systems.

The major objectives of the programs are to:

  1. Address the critical shortage of professionals in Computer Science and Information Technology in Texas and the nation;
  2. Provide an avenue for computer professionals in the industry to upgrade their professional skills; and
  3. Prepare graduates to pursue a terminal degree in Computer Science and Computer Information Systems.

A student with a bachelor’s degree in a discipline other than computer science must possess a computer science background equivalent to the following PVAMU courses before being admitted to:

MS in Computer Science Program:

COMP 2336Data Structures3
COMP 2310Discrete Structures3
COMP 2319Computer Organization3
MATH 2414Calculus with Analytic Geometry II4
COMP 3305Analysis of Algorithms3

The Two-C Rule

A maximum of two “C” grades in graduate courses (or six SCH) will be accepted toward the graduate degree.

Master of Science in Computer Science Degree Program Requirements

Computer Science Core Requirements
COMP 5300Research Methods and Graduate Seminar3
COMP 5311Fundamentals and Concepts of Programming Languages3
COMP 5312Advanced Computer Architecture3
COMP 5313Advanced Operating Systems3
COMP 5314Advanced Database Management System3
COMP 5315Design and Analysis of Algorithms3
COMP 5342Software Engineering Processes3
Concentration (Select one from below):15
Thesis Concentration:
Masters Thesis
Three Electives (Select 9 hours from the approved Computer Science Electives)
Non-Thesis Concentration:
Masters Project
Four Electives (Select 12 hours from the approved Computer Science Electives)
Total Hours36

General Computer Science Electives

COMP 5316Artificial Intelligence3
COMP 5317Computer Vision3
COMP 5324Distributed Computing and Parallel Processing3
COMP 5326Machine Learning (Newly approved new course (Machine Learning))3
COMP 5327Data Mining3
COMP 5328Natural Language Processing3
COMP 5329Text Mining3
COMP 5332Computer and Network Security3
COMP 5389Applied Research3