Architecture, BS

The Bachelor of Science degree in Architecture, (pre-professional program) provides the common foundation for studies in architecture.  It is intended to deliver the basic knowledge for the preparation of an educated practitioner and to lead to professional studies at the graduate level.

The Bachelor of Science in Architecture degree has two concentrations; Program A, the professional concentration, which upon successful completion, leads directly to enrollment in the Master of Architecture professional degree. Program B, the non-professional concentration, provides a basic education in architecture with the opportunity to study a broad range of elective opportunities. Both tracks consist of 132 credit hours of undergraduate courses.

Degree Program Requirements

Complete Core Curriculum Listing at

Core Curriculum 42 Credit Hours
Freshman Composition I
Technical and Business Writing
Mathematics 3
Life and Physical Sciences6
Physical Science I
Physical Science II
Language, Philosophy, and Culture 3
Architectural History I
Creative Arts 3
Architectural Design I
American History 6
United States History I
United States History II
Government/Political Science6
American Government
Texas Government
Social and Behavioral Sciences3
Fundamentals of Economics in a Global Society
Component Area Option One 3
Financial Planning from a Global Perspective
Component Area Option Two 3
Multimedia Digital Application
Major Requirements
ARCH 1307Visual Communications3
ARCH 1626Architectural Design II6
ARCH 1315Computer Aided Design3
ARCH 1302History of Architecture II3
ARCH 2603Architecture Design III6
ARCH 2604Architecture Design IV6
ARCH 2312Architectural Technology3
ARCH 3625Architecture Design V6
ARCH 3626Architecture Design VI6
ARCH 3328Materials and Methods3
ARCH 3329Structural Systems I3
ARCH 3345Environmental Systems3
ARCH 3346Sustainable Building3
ARCH 4343Structural Systems II3
ARCH 4344CAD Construction Documents and Codes3
ARCH 4359Professional Practice3
Concentration (Select one from below)27
Professional Track Concentration take the following courses:
Architecture Design VII
Architecture Design VIII
Architecture Electives (Take 6 hours of ARCH Electives)
Non-Architecture Electives ( Take 9 hours of electives in any area)
Non-Professional Track Concentration
Electives (Take 27 hours of electives)
Total Hours132