Digital Media Arts, BS

The Digital Media Arts program is dedicated to educating and training designers of the future. Students will be prepared to meet the high demand of the design industry using their skills in graphic design and interactive media. In addition, students will be introduced to critical design theory and analysis in preparation for graduate study.

Students can apply to the University using the State of Texas Common Application for Freshman Admission available at Admission information can be found by visiting

Degree and Courses

The Digital Media Arts degree mirrors the American Institute of Graphic Arts professional standards. The degree emphasizes:

1. Increasing the ability to create and develop visual responses to communication problems;
2. Increasing the ability to solve communication problems using the design process and beta testing implementation; and
3. Increasing the understanding of and ability to utilize tools and technology. The lower-division coursework, Creative Thinking, Sign + Symbols, Fundamentals of Digital Imaging, and Fundamentals of Interactive Media, introduce content associated with developing problem-solving strategies and honing technical proficiency. The upper-division coursework focuses on advanced training in technology, branding, print graphic design, motion graphics, various forms of interactive media, and project development

Career Opportunities

How will a degree in Digital Media Arts help me to be a successful designer?

Becoming a successful designer is more than just mastering software. Designers must study the history, theory, and traditions of the industry. Design requires excellent communication and basic math skills in addition to creativity. For every aspect of your design, you should be able to explain why. With a degree in Digital Media Arts, you will master all the “other” tools that will make you a well-rounded designer.

Professional designers can work in a range of different design careers and projects including digital design, multimedia design, type design, motion graphics (film title and/or tv graphics), exhibit design, signage design, environmental design, package design, publications systems, educational design, magazine illustration, identity design (branding), information design and design entrepreneur.

Program Requirements

Complete Core Curriculum Listing at

Core Curriculum 42 Credit Hours
Communication (Select Two)6
Mathematics (Select One)3
Life and Physical Sciences (Select Two)6
Language, Philosophy, and Culture 3
Art History I (Prehistoric to the 14th Century)
Creative Arts 3
African American Art
American History (Select Two)6
Government/Political Science (Select Two)6
Social and Behavioral Science (Select One)3
Component Area Option One (Select One)3
Component Area Option Two (Select One)3
Major Requirements
ARTS 1311Design I (2-Dimensional)3
ARTS 1312Design II3
ARTS 1315 Creative Thinking3
ARTS 1316Drawing I3
ARTS 1304Art History II (14th century to the present)3
ARTS 2331Graphic Design History3
ARTS 2311Design III3
ARTS 2336Sign + Symbol3
DGMA 3312Layout I3
DGMA 3313Layout II3
DGMA 3332Typography I3
DGMA 3333Typography II3
DGMA 3334Branding3
DGMA 3335Interactive Media3
DGMA 4314Problems in Media Arts I3
DGMA 4315Problems in Media Arts II3
DGMA 4316Advanced Interactive Media3
DGMA 4317Social Media Design3
DGMA 4318Motion Graphics3
DGMA 4321Senior Studio Thesis3
Prescribed Electives
ARTS 3319Printmaking3
ARTS 4310Creative Photography I3
DGMA 2317Fundamentals of Digital Imaging3
DGMA 2318Fundamentals of Interactive Media3
Free Arts Electives (Select Two)6
Sculpture I
Crafts Design
Total Hours120