The President’s Message to Students

Welcome to The Hill!   

Established in 1876 as a land-grant institution, Prairie View A& M University (PVAMU) is the second oldest public university in Texas known for an outstanding trajectory of accomplishments made possible by visionary leaders, dedicated alumni, extraordinary students, and stellar faculty and staff. 

At PVAMU we are committed to our students’ academic achievement and an all-encompassing educational experience.  That means an education gained not only from the classroom, but through opportunities for your own exploration, expansion of ideas and attainment of knowledge. Prairie View students build intellectual capital and are nourished in an academic environment enhanced by a variety of co-curricular experiences, including international study and travel, internships, and service learning. This catalog will serve as your guide to the university’s academic programs, and your roadmap toward successfully planning for graduation. Much more than a list of courses offered, the catalog is your comprehensive reference and source of information about life at PVAMU, informing you of your rights and responsibilities, and incorporating information that is critical to your success in meeting your educational goals.  

The nine colleges and schools housed on the campus boast a variety of degree programs; and our highly qualified faculty are focused on creating a research- driven, responsive, and invigorating learning culture. This is the place where rich tradition meets valuable opportunities.  We remain committed to transforming students’ lives by embracing bold new ideas and cutting-edge research techniques. 

Our dedicated faculty and staff will be partners in your success as you work toward your degree. Their expertise and support, along with the many University resources and services available to you, will enable you to meet your academic, personal and professional aspirations. 

Our promise is to not only provide a supportive community but also to help you complete your degree on time, equipped to thrive in a diverse and ever-changing world. There are many great things happening at Prairie View - but at the core of all of it is our commitment to the success of our students. We are focused on providing the resources and support you need to succeed. 

What you achieve on your journey through PVAMU is largely a measure of your own hard work and tenacity. It is an investment of time, talent, energy and money that will continue to pay dividends for years to come. The greater the investment you make today, the greater your rewards will be in the future. As your President, I am committed to supporting and strengthening our academic enterprise, ensuring a well-rounded college experience for all of our students, and maintaining the rich legacy of this institution as we work toward an immensely promising future. 

I am delighted that you’ve made Prairie View A&M University your home; and I look forward to seeing you on campus.  


Tomikia P. LeGrande, Ed.D.