The President’s Message to Students

Greetings from Prairie View A&M University!

Prairie View A&M University (PVAMU) was founded in 1876, as only the second public institution of higher education in the State of Texas.  Affectionately referred to as, “the Hill” or as “Pantherland,” PVAMU aims to remain true to its motto:  “Prairie View produces productive people.”

Today, PVAMU is one of the state’s most ethnically and geographically diverse institutions. It enrolls students from twenty-three states and the U.S. Virgin Islands and from thirty-nine countries.  Its core values of access and quality, accountability, diversity, leadership, relevance and social responsibility undergird the University’s mission as a land grant institution and as an institution designated by the Texas constitution as an “institution of the first class.”

At Prairie View A&M University, students are able to build intellectual capital and cultivate greater personal maturity in a largely residential community.  The value of in-class experiences is amply enhanced by a variety of co-curricular experiences, including international study and travel, paid and non-paid internships, civic engagement and leadership, and service learning.  Highly qualified faculty and staff invest substantially in creating a learning environment that is responsive, invigorating, and intellectually challenging.

Ranked as a “best buy” institution and as one of the top colleges in Texas when both quality and cost are considered, PVAMU is an excellent choice. Though noted for programs that produce highly competitive graduates across the board, the university is especially well known for its preparation of engineers, scientists, nurses, architects, juvenile justice specialists, and business professionals. 

This catalog is designed to present academic program offerings along with the rules, regulations, procedures, and essential support services students will use in navigating their educational journey.  It is the University’s desire to make this guide increasingly more complete and user friendly.

As the University’s mission mandates, student success at PVAMU has been and continues to be directly linked to the presence of a highly qualified faculty and staff, many of whom include students in their research and scholarship. This connection between faculty and staff work and student learning provides a rich legacy and an immensely promising future.

Ruth J. Simmons, Ph.D.