General Studies, BA

Bachelor of Arts in General Studies Degree Program Requirements

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Core Curriculum 42 Credit Hours 1
Freshman Composition I
Freshman Composition II
Mathematics 13
Contemporary College Algebra
College Algebra
Life and Physical Sciences (Select Two)6
Language, Philosophy, and Culture (Select One)3
Creative Arts (Select One)3
American History (Select Two)6
Government/Political Science6
American Government
Texas Government
Social and Behavioral Sciences (Select One)3
Component Area Option One (Select One)3
Component Area Option Two (Select One)3
Foreign Language (6 SCH of one language) or 6 SCH of GNST 2301 Coding and App Development and GNST 3302 iOS App Development6
Language and Communications Requirements3
Technical and Business Writing
Advanced Composition
Major Requirements 29
Multidisciplinary Seminar
Diversity & Global Learning
Multidisciplinary Capstone
Concentration I 321
Concentration II 321
Unrestricted Electives18
Total Hours120

MATH REQUIREMENT:  BA in GNST requires MATH 1332 or MATH 1314


Major requires 9 SCH 


CONCENTRATION REQUIREMENT:  Consult with your academic advisor. 9 SCH in each 21 SCH concentration must be upper division (3000 or 4000 level) with the same course prefix unless approved by the Dean of Undergraduate Studies