Merchandising & Design (MERC)


MERC 3713 Evaluation of Apparel and Home Accessories: 3 semester hours.

Study and analysis of design, textures and color coordination in ready-to-wear and home furnishings and accessories. Comparative examination of manufacturing, merchandising, sales and management from a retail/wholesale and consumer perspective.

MERC 3723 Apparel Selection and Evaluation: 3 semester hours.

Study, analysis, and evaluation of textiles for individual apparel and household utilization. Study of fabric design, pattern design and making through use of computer simulation techniques. Comparison of methods for style and size variations, time management and garment cost. Review and analysis of current regulations for domestic and international trade relative to the textile and apparel industry.
Prerequisites: DESN 2113 and HUSC 1333.

MERC 3743 Fashion Buying: 3 semester hours.

Analysis and study of the functions in fashion retail/wholesale organizations. Focus on concepts essential for buying, distribution, merchandising and marketing of ready-to-wear.

MERC 4743 Fashion: 3 semester hours.

Study of the procedures for risk management and merchandising for the fashion retailer/wholesaler. Emphasis on planning, decision-making and management of varied resources and applications through computer simulations. Course work supplemented by case studies in merchandising.

MERC 4763 Promotion and Visual Merchandising: 3 semester hours.

Promotion of products through visual merchandising including fashion show production, special events, display, selling techniques and other promotional activities in industry and retailing. Coordination of buying, selling, promoting, display, and advertising functions in retail store merchandising.

MERC 4773 Fashion Study Tour: 3 semester hours.

Observation and analysis of domestic and/or foreign costumes, textiles, apparel markets, manufactures/mills, retailers/wholesalers, historic collections and sites; professional seminars.
Prerequisites: MERC 3743.