Education Technology (EDTC)


EDTC 5403 Audiovisual Materials in Instruction: 3 semester hours.

Theoretical and practical experience in the use of instructional media, materials selection, evaluation, and equipment operation for classroom instruction.

EDTC 5423 Reference and Bibliography: 3 semester hours.

The theory and principles underlying reference selection, information collection, and reference services. Theory and purpose of bibliography as form of access to information collection, introduction to communication, question-negotiation, and search strategy.

EDTC 5433 Acquisition and Cataloging of Materials and Information: 3 semester hours.

Principles of acquisition, descriptive cataloging, classification, and subject analysis of print and non-print materials. Application of the Dewy Decimal and Library of Congress classification systems.

EDTC 5443 Local Production of Instructional Materials: 3 semester hours.

The development of competencies related to translating specifications for instructional materials into prototype, final version, and/or mass-produced products.

EDTC 5453 Children and Young Adult Literature: 3 semester hours.

Advanced study for librarians and teachers of books and other materials for children and young people. Wide reading of books and magazines and the examination of non-print materials.

EDTC 5463 School Media Centers: 3 semester hours.

Study of the theoretical foundations and objectives of school libraries and media centers; factors to be considered in planning and developing a media center. Consideration of interpretation of media centers; administrative programs in technical services; problems in technical services; and professional literature.

EDTC 5473 Practicum: 3 semester hours.

Identifying current trends of managing media centers and interfacing experience with theoretical and scientific concepts in public school setting.