Geography (GEOG)


GEOG 1113 Introduction to Geography: 3 semester hours.

A survey of the cultural and physical elements of geography, their characteristics, spatial organization, and distribution as viewed in the discipline today.

GEOG 1223 Introduction to Physical Geography: 3 semester hours.

General introduction to the field of geography, emphasizing the study of the physical earth and of man in his physical environment.

GEOG 2113 Introduction to Geographic Information System: 3 semester hours.

An introduction to the fundamentals of Geographic Information System (GIS) and science and art of making maps. The course introduces students to the basic principles of using GIS as a tool for managing and analyzing spatial data.

GEOG 2523 Urban Geography: 3 semester hours.

Study of the form, function, classification, internal land use and structure, and intercity and city/hinterland relations of urban areas, with particular emphasis on United States.

GEOG 2633 Cultural Geography: 3 semester hours.

A survey of the major cultures of the world, human-environmental relations and their dissimilar developments; processes of innovation, diffusion types, population patterns, growth and migration.

GEOG 2743 Geography of Africa: 3 semester hours.

Through an understanding of geographical facts, common myths associated with African history and development are dispelled. As a result, strong emphasis is placed on climates, physiography, natural resources, and social conditions in Africa. Selected countries are discussed in detail.

GEOG 3713 Geography of Texas: 3 semester hours.

Emphasis on the geographic regions of our own state: the problems of proper adaptations of man to environment; the geographical distribution and development of natural resources in the state; and the possibilities of greater human development.

GEOG 3723 World Regional Geography: 3 semester hours.

A survey of the regions and nations of the world and the geographical foundations of their physical and cultural characteristics; a practical and systematic approach to the field of geography; a survey of the world in terms of outlook and regional types.

GEOG 3733 Political Geography: 3 semester hours.

This course examines the influence which the natural environment has on the evolution of cultures, the establishment of political boundaries and political systems and on the nature of international trade and politics.

GEOG 4993 Independent Study: 3 semester hours.

Readings, research and/or field work on selected topics.