Animal Science (ANSC)


ANSC 1513 General Animal Science: 3 semester hours.

Introductory course dealing with domestic farm animals common in the United States. Selection, reproduction, nutrition, management and marketing of beef cattle, swine, sheep, goats, and horses.

ANSC 2513 Animal Production and Marketing: 3 semester hours.

Systematic study of methods of breeding, feeding, marketing, sanitation and management of commercial animals (swine, beef and dairy cattle, horses, goats and sheep).

ANSC 2523 Poultry Science: 3 semester hours.

Knowledge of the history and development of the poultry industry; the anatomy and physiology of the domestic fowl, especially related to reproduction. Inferences of genetic, environmental and behavioral factors on embryonic development; effects of diet, drugs and toxins. Practices involve artificial incubation, breeding and rearing.

ANSC 2533 Dairy Science: 3 semester hours.

Branches of the dairy industry, introduction to dairy types and breeds, the major factors in the management of cattle for milk production, and the common dairy processes.
Prerequisites: ANSC 1513.

ANSC 2543 Diseases and Sanitation: 3 semester hours.

Clinical studies of the most common livestock diseases embracing anamnesis, etiology, symptoms, diagnosis, therapeutics, and prophylaxis.

ANSC 2553 Poultry Technology and Marketing: 3 semester hours.

Factors affecting the physical, chemical, microbiological and functional characteristics of poultry and egg products. Product development, processing, quality packaging, and quality control concepts.
Prerequisites: ANSC 1513.

ANSC 3503 Animal Nutrition: 3 semester hours.

Composition and digestibility of feed, with physiology, preparation, feeding standards, calculation and balancing rations for commercial animal (swine, cattle-beef and dairy, sheep, goats, and horses).
Prerequisites: ANSC 1513.

ANSC 3513 Anatomy and Physiology: 3 semester hours.

Comparative approach, anatomically and physiologically of the basic systems of the domestic animals.
Prerequisites: ANSC 1513.

ANSC 3523 Meat Science: 3 semester hours.

Methods of slaughtering farm animals, processing, curing preservation and storage of meats and products.

ANSC 3993 Independent Study: 3 semester hours.

Readings, research and/or field work on seleceted topics.

ANSC 4533 Breeding/Genetics: 3 semester hours.

Physiology of reproduction, breeding, breeding systems and practices. Application of genetic principles to the problems of animal breeding. Prerequisite: Junior standing.

ANSC 4993 Independent Study: 3 semester hours.

Readings, research and/or field work on selected topics.

ANSC 5513 Physiology of Reproduction: 3 semester hours.

Basic biochemical, physiological, and endocrine mechanisms involved in reproductive function. Current research principles and techniques useful in studying physiology of reproduction.

ANSC 5533 Non-Ruminant Nutrition: 3 semester hours.

Concepts of the function deficiency, interrelation and bio adaptability of nutrients as part of total feed formulation. The physical, chemical, and biological interrelationships of nutrients as they relate to growth, development, and production of mono-gastric animals.

ANSC 5543 Ruminant Nutrition: 3 semester hours.

Current concepts in anatomy, physiology, and microbiology of digestion of ruminants, with application of basic principles to efficient management of beef cattle, dairy cattle, goats and sheep.

ANSC 5553 Dairy Goat Production and Management: 3 semester hours.

Review of current research and production practices; the application of developing technology to goat enterprises, with economic evaluation of such enterprises.

ANSC 5563 Animal Health and Diseases: 3 semester hours.

Etiology, epidemiology, immunology, preventive measures, and management practices pertinent to diseases and health of animals.

ANSC 5573 Beef Cattle Production and Management: 3 semester hours.

Current research and production practices; the application of developing technology for beef cattle enterprises with economic evaluation of such enterprises.