Business Law (BLAW)


BLAW 2301 Legal Environment of Business: 3 semester hours.

A survey of the U.S. legal system with an emphasis on aspects relevant to business operations. Topics include legal systems, constitutional law, criminal law, property law, torts, and basic contract law.

BLAW 2321 Business Law: 3 semester hours.

Covers topics including the U.S. Uniform Commercial Code, agency law, employment and discrimination law, and regulatory topics.
Prerequisites: BLAW 2301 or BLAW 2203.

BLAW 2324 Law of Agency: 3 semester hours.

A study of law of agency including principle-agent and master-servant relationships, the authority of an agent, the termination of an agent's authority, the fiduciary and other duties of an agent, employment law, deceptive trade practices, listing or buying procedures, and the disclosure of an agency.
Prerequisites: BLAW 2302 or BLAW 2203.

BLAW 2334 Law of Contracts: 3 semester hours.

The course covers the basics of both real estate law and contract law with practical instructions on Texas real estate employment, sales, and lease contracts as well as laws and processes involved in financing, property ownership and conveyance. It is combined with promulgated contract forms to enable students opportunity to learn and understand the forms and addenda put forth by the Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC).
Prerequisites: BLAW 2324.

BLAW 2399 Independent Study in Business Law: 3 semester hours.

Supervised reading, research, and/or field work on selected topics in business law.
Prerequisites: BLAW 2301 or BLAW 2203.