Construction Science (CONS)


CONS 3301 Construction Estimating: 3 semester hours.

Classification of work and quantity survey techniques. Basic estimating applied to simple construction projects. Creation of bills of materials and quantity take-offs.

CONS 3353 Managing Construction Operations: 3 semester hours.

Managing construction operations from concepts of project selection, estimating, bidding, scheduling, subcontracting practices, cost tracking, project documentation, construction bonds, insurance, payments and the elements of close out. Special emphasis on the development of professional communication skills through student prepared multi-media presentations.

CONS 3363 Surveying and Soils: 3 semester hours.

Principles of surveying; use of surveying instruments, topographical surveys, and traverses; field practice and computations. Basic considerations of site management and soils considerations for structural stability and integrity in construction projects.
Prerequisites: MATH 2318 or MATH 2183.

CONS 4341 Residential Construction: 3 semester hours.

Residential construction processes, scheduling, subcontracting, financing, estimating, project control and current trends in site selection, design and energy efficiency.

CONS 4342 Commercial Construction: 3 semester hours.

Focus on the project management of commercial construction projects ranging from high-rise office buildings to small tilt-wall and pre-engineered buildings; topics include project acquisitions, project delivery methods, mobilization, management, and close-out.

CONS 4344 Highway/Heavy Construction: 3 semester hours.

Focus on the various aspects of highway/heavy construction; topics include earthmoving and paving equipment and utilization principles, pavement design and placement methods, unit price bidding methods, and a project case study.

CONS 4345 Facilities Management: 3 semester hours.

Focus on the various aspects of facilities and property management, including budgeting for operations and management, energy management, change management, design-build changes, in-house versus out-source maintenance, and contracting options.

CONS 4346 Construction Internship: 3 semester hours.

Approved internship in the construction industry.

CONS 4355 Construction Delivery Systems: 3 semester hours.

Methods and management techniques utilized in the building process, including procurement options, basis of reimbursement, management methods, and construction delivery methods.

CONS 4360 Construction Labor and Safety: 3 semester hours.

Constitutional and legal basis of labor relations in the construction industry; craft and trade unions; dual and merit shop operations; development of construction safety plan; safety on the job site; OSHA and related regulations.

CONS 4363 Construction Law and Ethics: 3 semester hours.

Delineation of contracts used in the construction industry; emphasis on understanding the functions and interrelationships of documents; review of law applied to the industry; application of the contract, and law to case studies; introduction to resources and analytical process used by construction professionals; ethics in the construction industry.

CONS 4374 Building Information Modeling: 3 semester hours.

Introduction to the fundamentals of Building Information Modeling and how they apply to the design and construction industry and a technology enabled workforce. Introduction to the methods of creation, evaluation and exchange of Building Information Models. Leveraging BIM and 4D modelling for construction optimization and sustainable building initiatives.
Prerequisites: ARCH 2223 or ARCH 1315.

CONS 4375 Scheduling and Mobilization: 3 semester hours.

Project scheduling procedures to include computer applications and resource loading and leveling; network generation and analysis; project types;, office and field planning required to initiate the work; equipment and construction methods selection processes and an examination of contractual mandates specified.

CONS 4377 Construction Project Controls: 3 semester hours.

ntroduction of students to construction-related financial documents; includes the schedule of values, labor and operations cost reports, construction budgets, schedule and budget integration, and progress analysis and forecast through earned value management.

CONS 4395 Mediation: 3 semester hours.

Construction conflict resolution with a focus on negotiation, mediation, arbitration alternatives to litigation will be addressed. The processes and skillsets professionals must possess to effectively engage in alternative dispute resolution strategies effectively will be covered through lectures, writing assignments, readings, and role-playing.

CONS 4397 Special Topics: 3 semester hours.

The study of specialized fields of construction science as they relate to contemporary issues. Topics vary by semester. Course may be repeated for credit when the topic varies.

CONS 4399 Independent Study: 1-3 semester hour.

Individual reading, research and/or field work in selected topics.

CONS 4640 Construction Internship: 3-6 semester hour.

Approved internship in the building construction industry occurring in either the Fall Semester or Spring Semester.