Education Technology (EDTC)


EDTC 5301 Educational Media and Technology: 3 semester hours.

An examination and study of the role of media and technology in the K-12 classroom. This course focuses on current technology and research for successful integration of technology into instruction.

EDTC 5304 Principles of Instructional Design: 3 semester hours.

Exploration of the history, traditions, and current state of the discipline of instructional design. Emphasis is on designing effective instruction to achieve student learning outcomes.

EDTC 5307 Theories and Models of Instructional Design: 3 semester hours.

Current theories and models of instructional design are explored and evaluated to determine situational use and effectiveness.
Prerequisites: EDTC 5301 and EDTC 5304.

EDTC 5308 Emerging Technologies for Instruction: 3 semester hours.

An exploration of innovative ways to use emerging technology in creating powerful learning environment that will facilitate teaching and learning. Emphasis is on emerging technologies for instructional use.
Prerequisites: EDTC 5301 and EDTC 5304.

EDTC 5309 Digital Equity in Instructional Design: 3 semester hours.

An analysis of the federal and state requirements for digital equity of instructional materials. Issues of accessibility, ADA compliance, and barriers for effective learning will be examined to provide guidance for creating and remediating learning materials and activities.
Prerequisites: EDTC 5301 and EDTC 5304.

EDTC 5381 Instructional Design Capstone: 3 semester hours.

This is the culminating course for the Masters of Education in Curriculum and Instruction/Instructional Design concentration. Students will work with an instructor or industry client to develop an online course that meets the needs of the Instructor or client, follows best practices in Instructional Design, and meets all accessibility requirements.
Prerequisites: EDTC 5301 and EDTC 5304 and EDTC 5307.