Entrepreneurship (ENTR)


ENTR 3301 Economics for Entrepreneurs: 3 semester hours.

This course elaborates upon and applies economics principles, concepts and techniques useful to entrepreneurs. Topics include supply and demand, revenue management, cost minimization, profit maximization, pricing strategies, labor compensation strategies, game theory and competitive strategies, auctions, the macroeconomic environment, financing strategies, forecasting, and international trade and finance.
Prerequisites: MGMT 1301 or MGMT 2013.

ENTR 3302 Diversity Entrepreneurship: 3 semester hours.

This course provides students with an understanding of the historical and contemporary state of women, ethnic (Asian, Middle Eastern and other immigrant groups) and minority (e.g. Black, Hispanic and Native Americans) entrepreneurs. Emphasis is given to how these groups develop ventures and create wealth.
Prerequisites: MGMT 2301 or MGMT 2013.

ENTR 3303 Social Entrepreneurship: 3 semester hours.

Social Entrepreneurship, which refers to the use of business skills to develop innovative approaches to societal problems, will introduce the concept of social enterprises, the challenges unique to starting and growing them, the emerging capital markets for social ventures, the possible trade-offs in social and financial returns, and some unique expectations and challenging management decisions that are inherent in growing social enterprises.
Prerequisites: MGMT 1301 or MGMT 2013.

ENTR 3309 Special Topics: 3 semester hours.

This course provides the flexibility of presenting a variety of contemporary topics of interest in entrepreneurship. The ever evolving business environment will present new entrepreneurial opportunities to serve customer needs, involving a variety of goods and services, such as oil and gas, telecommunications, medical services or real estate. Topics addressed in this course will vary depending upon student interest and the needs of the market.
Prerequisites: MGMT 1301 or MGMT 2013.

ENTR 4304 Venture Creation: 3 semester hours.

This is a hands-on capstone course that focuses on new venture creation and requires a feasibility analysis of the new organization. Working in teams, students will learn to identify, conceptualize, plan, finance, launch, manage and harvest the rewards of building a new venture. Students will be required to actually do all the planning, create the appropriate documentation and present the complete business plan as though it were going to start in the immediate future.
Prerequisites: MGMT 3333.

ENTR 5336 Managing Innovation: 3 semester hours.

This course focuses on how technology and innovative processes used in managing and operating businesses impact organizational efficiency and effectiveness in meeting the demands of stakeholders. Working in teams, students will study how adopting new technology helps convert innovative ideas into profitable business opportunities in the assigned industries.

ENTR 5337 Leading Innovation: 3 semester hours.

Students will study leadership, entrepreneurship, and creativity as a component of change management. Examining theoretical and practical concepts of change management will develop our students to be organizational change agents.

ENTR 5338 Funding New Ideas: 3 semester hours.

This course will expose students to traditional and non-traditional options for finding capitol to fund projects. Students will explore funding strategies and identify techniques, which encourage commercialization of their ideas. Financing and developing strategies for capitalizing their final product or service.