Finance (FINA)


FINA 1307 Personal Financial Management and Planning: 3 semester hours.

Covers the basics of personal money management and financial planning which is essential for every citizen in life; topics covered include personal financial planning, savings and debt financing, investment in stocks and bonds, auto and home financing, insurance, retirement and estate planning.

FINA 2300 Wall Street 101: 3 semester hours.

The course introduces fundamental knowledge of financial markets to students and provides students with hands-on learning and trading experiences using virtual money; topics covered include stock market, fixed-income market, currency market, principles of investment and trading.

FINA 2313 Financial Planning from a Global Perspective: 3 semester hours.

Designed to improve students' understanding of financial services industry and how it helps create wealth for individuals and the role of financial markets and institutions, domestic and global. Among the topics covered include economic and financial theories pertaining to the market system and their applications;computation of time value of money; analysis and evaluation of investment instruments including domestic and foreign stocks and bonds, mutual funds; foreign exchange rates and risk in foreign investment; financial planning to meet future financial need; cash and credit management; tax analysis and risk management.

FINA 3301 Fundamentals of Financial Planning: 3 semester hours.

This course prepares students for the business of financial planning. Issues covered include the financial planning process, client interaction, time value of money applications, personal financial statement construction and analysis, cash flow and debt management, ethical issues and considerations, and education planning.
Prerequisites: FINA 2103 or FINA 1307.

FINA 3310 Principles of Finance: 3 semester hours.

Fundamental tools and techniques applicable to financial planning of businesses. Covers valuation of securities, risk-return relationship, capital budgeting, management of current assets and liabilities with extension to international areas.
Prerequisites: ACCT 2302 or ACCT 2123.

FINA 3311 Real Estate Principles: 3 semester hours.

An introduction to the study of the economic and legal environment in which real property is transferred and used.
Prerequisites: ACCT 2302 or ACCT 2123 and (ECON 2302 or ECON 2113).

FINA 3333 Investment Analysis: 3 semester hours.

Survey of the risks and returns of investment media in relationship to the investment objectives of individual and industrial investors. Includes an examination of the capital markets, information flows, and analytical techniques in terms of their impact upon the valuation process.
Prerequisites: FINA 3103 or FINA 3310.

FINA 3338 Financial Markets and Institutions: 3 semester hours.

Domestic financial institutions and markets and their interaction in the flow of funds in the economy and the central bank and other regulatory institutions will be analyzed with an extension to international markets and institutions.
Prerequisites: FINA 3310 or FINA 3103 and (ECON 2301 or ECON 2123).

FINA 3339 Finance Internship I: 3 semester hours.

Supervised full-time training in industry, government or other agencies for junior-level finance majors. Individual conferences, company performance evaluations and written reports required. The duration of the program will be one regular semester or two consecutive summer terms.
Prerequisites: FINA 3338 or FINA 3383.

FINA 4321 Managerial Finance: 3 semester hours.

Issues and problems faced by financial managers with emphasis on financial analysis, capital budgeting, capital structure, dividend policy, and corporate restructuring.
Prerequisites: FINA 3310 or FINA 3103.

FINA 4322 Commercial Lending: 3 semester hours.

Covers and qualitative analysis and assessment of industry risk, market risk and management risk; also provides an understanding of the role of loan policy and the need to summarize the borrower's various risks into an appropriate credit risk rating; in addition, it provides guidance on loan structuring and documentation issues in response to the analysis of quantitative and qualitative risks.
Prerequisites: ECON 2113 or ECON 2302 and (ECON 2123 or ECON 2301) and (FINA 3103 or FINA 3310).

FINA 4323 Bank Management: 3 semester hours.

Covers fundamental concepts and principles in commercial bank operations and management; analysis of bank assets and liabilities, assessment of various types of risk including operating, industry and market risks and management of risk exposure. Special emphasis on loans, the most important bank asset, particularly, commercial lending.
Prerequisites: ECON 2123 or ECON 2301 and (FINA 3103 or FINA 3310).

FINA 4330 Money and Banking: 3 semester hours.

Covers a wide spectrum of topics and issues in banking and finance, including the role and nature of money in the economy, bank management, technological innovations and the practice of banking, creation and regulation of the money supply and the institutions involved, monetary policies and the role of the Federal Reserve and Treasury Department.
Prerequisites: ECON 2301 or ECON 2123.

FINA 4331 Investment Management: 3 semester hours.

Principles of portfolio management, portfolio optimization, asset allocation, asset pricing models, investment strategies, and timing techniques portfolio performance evaluation.
Prerequisites: FINA 3333.

FINA 4335 International Finance: 3 semester hours.

International financial markets and the flow of funds, exchange rates, parity relationships and arbitrage Exchange rate risk and its management. short- and long-term financing. asset and liability management. capital budgeting, and direct foreign investments for multinationals; international banking issues.
Prerequisites: FINA 3310 or FINA 3103 and ECON 2301 or ECON 2123.

FINA 4345 Special Topics in Finance: 3 semester hours.

Supervised fulltime training in industry, government, or other agencies for senior-level The course would provide a form to bring in special issues/topics of interest in the finance majors. Individual conferences, company performance evaluations and written reports required. The duration of area, such as hedge funds, speculative markets, mergers and acquisitions, and the program management of financial institutions. It will be one regular semester or two consecutive flexible in terms.
Prerequisites: ECON 2302 or ECON 2113 and (ECON 2301 or ECON 2123) and (FINA 3310 or FINA 3103).

FINA 4399 Independent Study in Finance: 1-3 semester hour.

Reading, research, and/or field work on selected topics.

FINA 5300 Concepts of Finance: 3 semester hours.

An overview of financial securities and markets, financial statement analysis, cash budgeting, working capital management, time value of money, valuation of securities, and capital budgeting.

FINA 5310 Theory of Financial Management: 3 semester hours.

Risk-return analysis, cost of capital, cash-flow analysis in capital budgeting, capital structure policy, dividend policy, corporate restructuring, and international financial management.
Prerequisites: FINA 5300 or FINA 5003.

FINA 5331 Investment Analysis and Management: 3 semester hours.

Fundamentals of investment, investment securities and markets, analysis of risk and return, fixed income securities and valuation, common stock and valuation, mutual funds, options and futures, portfolio theory and management.
Prerequisites: FINA 5300 or FINA 5003.

FINA 5333 International Finance: 3 semester hours.

International financial markets and the flow of funds, in risk management for multinationals, short- and long-term financing for multinationals, multinational capital budgeting, direct foreign investment, country risk analysis, and international banking.
Prerequisites: FINA 5003.

FINA 5338 Fin Mrkt and Inst: 3 semester hours.

Analysis of the major financial markets, domestic and international, and their interrelationship through interest rates and prices, as well as flow of funds and price behavior of the market as a whole. Also, the role of financial institutions in the flow of funds and their regulation.
Prerequisites: FINA 5300 or FINA 5003 and (ECON 5300 or ECON 5003).

FINA 5357 Case Studies in Finance: 3 semester hours.

Integration of financial and economic theories to analyze and solve financial problems facing corporations. Real and simulated cases will be analyzed.
Prerequisites: FINA 5103 or FINA 5310.