General Studies (GNST)


GNST 2301 Coding and App Development (Basics): 3 semester hours.

Introduction to general programming language (including various data types, syntax, expression, assignment, branching, looping, function, etc.) Swift programming language. Xcode platform and coding playground and basic app development for smart devices. (IOS).
Prerequisites: MATH 1123 or MATH 1316.

GNST 3302 iOS App Development: 3 semester hours.

Swift programming language, Xcode app development platform, and basic data structure and algorithm concepts, and advanced iOS app development, including GPS and map app, single view app, multiple view app, text field, table view, list view, gesture recognizer, various sensors, and app publication in App Store.
Prerequisites: GNST 2103 or GNST 2301.

GNST 3310 Multidisciplinary Seminar: 3 semester hours.

This course is designed to encourage self-analysis of career interests and planning. Students will also (a) develop their skills in critical thinking, reading, writing, and speaking; (b) synthesize knowledge drawn from other courses; and (c) learn to collaborate with others in building knowledge and understanding. Required for all General Studies majors.
Prerequisites: (ENGL 2311 or ENGL 1143) or (ENGL 1302 or ENGL 1133) or (HUMA 1303 or HUMA 1301) or (PHIL 2023 or PHIL 2306) or PHIL 2303 or (ENGL 2153 or ENGL 2341) or (ENGL 2383 or ENGL 2331) or (HUMA 1403 or HUMA 1305).

GNST 4310 Diversity & Global Learning: 3 semester hours.

This high impact practice course will introduce students to obstacles that world populations face. The course will consist of field assignments that will help students explore cultures, life experiences, and worldviews different from their own. Experiential learning may be local, regional, or national. Required for all General Studies majors. This is a writing intensive course.
Prerequisites: GNST 3310 or GNST 3103.

GNST 4320 Multidisciplinary Capstone: 3 semester hours.

This course requires students to integrate and use fundamental concepts learned in previous courses within the students’ degree concentration. Students nearing the end of their college years will create a project of some sort that integrates and applies what they’ve learned. The project might be a research paper, a performance or an ePortfolio of their “best work”. Required for General Studies majors. This is a writing intensive course.
Prerequisites: (GNST 3310 or GNST 3101) and (GNST 4310 or GNST 4103).