Human Development & Family (HDFM)


HDFM 2513 Childhood Disorders: 3 semester hours.

This course is designed to introduce a general overview and treatment of major childhood disorders. It examines the history of childhood psychopathology, theories of development, medical and biological factors, mental retardation, drug and alcohol use, social and environment factors that relate to childhood problems.

HDFM 2533 The Contemporary Family in Cross-Cultural Perspective: 3 semester hours.

Analysis of family interaction patterns, roles, and functions, throughout the life cycle as influenced by customs, cultural diversity, and socioeconomic status with implications for broader understanding of a multicultural society. Examination of public policies and procedures impacting family functioning.

HDFM 2543 Pre-Adolescent and Adolescent Development: 3 semester hours.

Study and analysis of individual development from age twelve through twenty. Examination of developmental theories and current critical issues with emphasis on the role and relationships among family, peer, school and community interactions during these formative years. Observation, recording and evaluation of behaviors required.

HDFM 2553 Human Development: Life Span: 3 semester hours.

The dynamic processes of co-development of the individual from conception to senescence in physical, sensory, intellectual, emotional, and social development, Pattern of self-development with focus on the interaction between and among individuals.

HDFM 3503 Early Childhood Environments: 3 semester hours.

Study and analysis of varied environments for children. Guidelines for program planning, identification and selection of creative and expressive materials and equipment, staffing, organization and management, record keeping, licensing requirements, parent/child/teacher interactions, and effective guidance techniques. Observation, participation and assessment required.

HDFM 3513 Individual and Family Counseling Strategies: 3 semester hours.

Study, assessment and application of basic interviewing and counseling strategies to include varied interviewing models, techniques and methods which facilitate individual and family interactions.

HDFM 3523 Parenting Issues and Education: 3 semester hours.

Principles and patterns, philosophies and theories, methodologies and practices, and resources for the design, implementation, and evaluation of programs for enhancing parenting skills in the parent-child relationship.

HDFM 4513 The Family in Crisis: 3 semester hours.

Theories and intervention strategies for helping families handle crises throughout the life cycle. Examination and analysis of exceptional children. Child, spousal, elder, and drug abuse. Unemployment and underemployment, sexual assaults, alcoholism, illness, death, deviant life-styles, and other crises.

HDFM 4543 Human Sex Lifespan: 3 semester hours.

Analysis and treatment of varied factors affecting sexual functioning among men and women with an emphasis on marital and family dynamics. Emphases also given male and female sexual dysfunctional behavioral and psychological dynamics.