Health (HLTH)


HLTH 1023 Human Sexuality: 3 semester hours.

Examination of the foundations and characteristics of the American family; factors involved in learning sex roles, biological and emotional motivations, preparation for marriage, family planning, and parental roles.

HLTH 1063 Environmental Health: 3 semester hours.

Health aspects of environment, including health problems related to water, air, and noise pollution, pesticides, population, and radiation.

HLTH 2003 Personal Health and Wellness: 3 semester hours.

Study of the personal health concepts with emphasis on body systems, emotional health, drug use and abuse, disease, nutrition, and family and community health. Theory and practice in developing, implementing and evaluating philosophies of wellness programs.

HLTH 2023 Communicable and Noncommunicable Diseases: 3 semester hours.

Nature, prevention, control, and treatment of communicable, chronic, degenerative, and idiopathic human disease, with principles related to causality of disease and to the body's ability to resist.

HLTH 2033 Aging, Death and Dying: 3 semester hours.

Examination of the aging process and health problems of the elderly; differing perceptions of death; dimensions of death and dying; euthanasia: and grief and mourning.

HLTH 3003 Health Education for the Elementary School: 3 semester hours.

Fundamentals of health including health problems, interests, school health appraisal, and promotion of a healthful environment. Emphasis on health agencies and organizations on the local, state, and national levels.

HLTH 3013 Nutrition: 3 semester hours.

Basic scientific information on nutrition and on its relationship to the biological needs of humans. An analysis and review of the selection and quality of nutrients essential to growth, development, and efficiency.

HLTH 3033 Research and Contemporary Issues in Health: 3 semester hours.

Scientific examination of current health concepts. Emphasis on those curricular and evaluative concepts necessary for selecting, appraising, utilizing and analyzing health related materials, resources, and instruments.

HLTH 3043 Consumer Health: 3 semester hours.

Investigation and analysis of consumer health problems, with emphasis on the function, organization, and administration of public health services at the local, state, regional and national levels.

HLTH 3053 Public and Community Health: 3 semester hours.

Focus on the aspects of the community that relate to health; identification and analysis of community health programs; organizational patterns and functions of voluntary and governmental health agencies; organizing the community for health action; and coordination of school and community health programs.

HLTH 3093 Drugs and Health: 3 semester hours.

Focus on substances that modify human behavior and emotions; the nature of drugs; historical and contemporary use; drug abuse; social implications; development and implementation of drug programs; and legislative implications.

HLTH 4063 Health and Communities: 3 semester hours.

Principles of community health education as a foundation for subsequent consideration of health issues and problems of populations. In-depth focus on assessment and analysis of specific health problems in defined population of client organizations, institutions, and/or community members.

HLTH 4073 Community Health Planning and Assessment: 3 semester hours.

Examines the relationship of community health planning and assessment to health education in both urban and rural communities. Emphasizes theory processes and methods applicable to the health care services delivery system.

HLTH 4083 Problem Solving and Evaluation for Community Health Programs: 3 semester hours.

Evaluation of psycho-social-cultural health problems and influences on human behavior and health education strategies and outcome measurement.

HLTH 4991 Independent Study: 1 semester hour.

Reading, research, and/or field work on selected topics.

HLTH 4993 Independent Study: 3 semester hours.

Readings, research, and/or field work on selected topics.

HLTH 5043 Alcohol and Drugs: 3 semester hours.

Development and evaluation of educational approaches for primary and secondary prevention of alcohol and other drug abuse and misuse within populations in elementary and secondary schools, businesses, health agencies, higher education and general communities.

HLTH 5063 Human Behavior and Health Education: 3 semester hours.

Analysis of social, psychological and cultural determinants of health related behaviors. Critical review of each factor for interpretation and application in a variety of settings, including classrooms, worksites, health care agencies, and higher education centers.

HLTH 5073 Epidemiology and Diseases: 3 semester hours.

Epidemiologic methods for administrators, policy analysts, and education planners. Identification of and analysis factors influencing infections and chronic diseases in groups of people with a variety of community settings, including schools, businesses, industry, and the health care market.

HLTH 5133 Seminar- Selected Topics: 3 semester hours.

Etiology, epidemiology and impact of health-related behaviors on illness and wellness within specific populations which may impact school, occupational and community health.

HLTH 5143 Medical Foundations for Health Professions: 3 semester hours.

Medical and psychosocial approached to disease detection, prevention and rehabilitation. Emphasis on current trends for the advancement of primary health in school groups, public communities, and special populations.

HLTH 5173 Nutrition and the Environment: 3 semester hours.

Understanding natural principles underlying health issues related to human ecology, nutrition, and non-infectious disease control and population problems.

HLTH 5183 Contemporary Health: 3 semester hours.

Review of factors relating to selected high morbidity and mortality in urban and rural environments. Study of related psycho-social health problems faced by practicing health educators in a dynamic health care market involving school-based and community-based populations.

HLTH 5193 Community Health: 3 semester hours.

Examination of the mission, goals, and policies of community and public health. Current principles, practice models, functions, roles, issues, and policies are critically analyzed.

HLTH 5991 Independent Study: 1 semester hour.

Readings, research, and/or field work on selected topics.

HLTH 5993 Independent Study: 3 semester hours.

Readings, research, and/or field work on selected topics.