Kinesiology (KINE)


KINE 1201 Sports Skills I: 2 semester hours.

Theory and application of fundamental skills in flag and touch football, soccer, wrestling and gymnastics I.

KINE 1202 Sports Skills II: 2 semester hours.

Emphasis given to theory and application skills for fundamentals in badminton, bowling, tennis, and racquetball.

KINE 1330 Foundation to Kinesiology: 3 semester hours.

Instruction is offered at beginning levels with emphasis on mechanical principles that regulate human movement, how to analyze movement and how to create the efficient movements possible to increase structure of the human body.

KINE 2306 Outdoor Performance Activities: 3 semester hours.

Introduction to outdoor activities with emphasis on principles and purposes; skills and activities for individual and group activities; practices and skills of low and high intensity levels.

KINE 2307 Psycho-Social Aspects of Sport: 3 semester hours.

This course will engage psychological and sociological perspectives toward understanding sports and physical activity as both personal engagements and social phenomena. Topics will include sport-based youth development, mental health and physical activity, performance enhancement, and sport and social issues.

KINE 2308 Practicum in Kinesiology and Sport: 3 semester hours.

This course provides experiential learning opportunities for students to apply and integrate knowledge acquired through coursework, develop skills, clarify values, and develop capacity to contribute to their professional and community organizations. Students will also be able to clarify and broaden their career goals further refining necessary competencies and skills for their proposed career objectives. Work is supervised by personnel within the approved work site.
Prerequisites: KINE 1303 or KINE 1330.

KINE 4305 Special Topics in Health and Kinesiology: 3 semester hours.

Detailed study of selected topic and activities.

KINE 4619 Internship in Health and Kinesiology: 6 semester hours.

Supervised study and practice in community, recreation, sports, fitness, and rehabilitation centers, hospitals, clinics, and other approved agencies, organizations and institutions.