Kinesiology (KINE)


KINE 1201 Sports Skills I: 2 semester hours.

Theory and application of fundamental skills in flag and touch football, soccer, wrestling and gymnastics I.

KINE 1202 Sports Skills II: 2 semester hours.

Emphasis given to theory and application skills for fundamentals in badminton, bowling, tennis, and racquetball.

KINE 1208 Fundamentals of Human Movement: 2 semester hours.

Theory and practice in movement improvisation, exploration, and rhythmic exercising methods and fundamentals of presenting creative and rhythmic activities to elementary age children.

KINE 1215 Low Organized Games: 2 semester hours.

Instruction is offered at beginning levels of skills with emphasis on the development of total fitness and recreational skills for leisure time. All classes are coeducational.

KINE 1330 Foundation to Kinesiology: 3 semester hours.

Instruction is offered at beginning levels with emphasis on mechanical principles that regulate human movement, how to analyze movement and how to create the efficient movements possible to increase structure of the human body.

KINE 2205 Intramural and Recreational Sports: 2 semester hours.

Theory and practice in organizing and conducting tournaments, meets, and field days.

KINE 2303 Lifeguarding: 3 semester hours.

Demonstration and practice in knowledge and skills to prevent, recognize, and respond to aquatics emergencies. Students have opportunity to complete requirements for the American Red Cross Lifeguarding Certification. Recommended proficiency in five basic strokes (front and back crawls; elementary back, side and breast strokes).

KINE 2304 Coaching Individual and Dual Sports: 3 semester hours.

This course is designed for majors with intermediate and advanced skills. Students deal with strategy, rules, and court layouts with special emphasis on fundamentals and materials for individual and dual sports.
Prerequisites: KINE 1151 or KINE 1215.

KINE 2306 Outdoor Performance Activities: 3 semester hours.

Introduction to outdoor activities with emphasis on principles and purposes; skills and activities for individual and group activities; practices and skills of low and high intensity levels.

KINE 2307 Psycho-Social Aspects of Sport: 3 semester hours.

This course will engage psychological and sociological perspectives toward understanding sports and physical activity as both personal engagements and social phenomena. Topics will include sport-based youth development, mental health and physical activity, performance enhancement, and sport and social issues.

KINE 2308 Practicum in Kinesiology and Sport: 3 semester hours.

This course provides experiential learning opportunities for students to apply and integrate knowledge acquired through coursework, develop skills, clarify values, and develop capacity to contribute to their professional and community organizations. Students will also be able to clarify and broaden their career goals further refining necessary competencies and skills for their proposed career objectives. Work is supervised by personnel within the approved work site.
Prerequisites: KINE 1303 or KINE 1330.

KINE 3301 Water Safety Instruction: 3 semester hours.

Swimming and lifesaving skills required for water safety instruction. Opportunity for completion of requirements for the American Red Cross Water Safety Instructor's Certification.

KINE 3302 Applied Anatomy and Kinesiology: 3 semester hours.

A scientific study of the structural kinesiology and biomechanics of human movement.
Prerequisites: (BIOL 2401 or BIOL 1054) and (BIOL 2402 or BIOL 1064) and (KINE 1208 or KINE 1082).

KINE 3303 Movement Activities for Elementary Children: 3 semester hours.

Theory of Kinesiology for young children; classroom demonstration and field laboratory assignments. Emphasis is placed on stages of development and gross motor skills.
Prerequisites: (KINE 1151 or KINE 1215) and (KINE 1082 or KINE 1208).

KINE 3305 Theory and Practice of Officiating: 3 semester hours.

Treats the theory and practice of officiating selected sports; emphasis on rules, mechanics, and officiating individual, dual and team sports.
Prerequisites: (KINE 1303 or KINE 1330).

KINE 3306 Theory and Practice of Coaching: 3 semester hours.

Theory and strategy of coaching football, basketball, and volleyball.
Prerequisites: (KINE 1082 or KINE 1208) and (KINE 1303 or KINE 1330).

KINE 3365 Motor Learning and Control: 3 semester hours.

This course is designed to review basic principles of motor control and motor learning with emphasis on the application of these principles in the neurologic population.
Prerequisites: (KINE 1082 or KINE 1208) and (KINE 1303 or KINE 1330).

KINE 4303 Measurement and Evaluation: 3 semester hours.

This course is a study of various kinds of tests and test usage in the field of health and kinesiology. Students are exposed to and participate in practical experiences in the 1) construction and administration of tests, 2) application and use of elementary statistics to manipulate data, and 3) interpretation of results.
Prerequisites: KINE 3023 or KINE 3302.

KINE 4304 Athletic Injuries: 3 semester hours.

Theory and practice of prevention and treatment of athletic injuries; laboratory experience in techniques of massaging and bandaging.
Prerequisites: KINE 3023 or KINE 3302.

KINE 4305 Special Topics in Health and Kinesiology: 3 semester hours.

Detailed study of selected topic and activities.

KINE 4306 Adapted Physical Activity: 3 semester hours.

A study of the general organization of programs of therapeutic exercise, recreational sports, and aquatic skills for use in correctional procedures; evaluation and classification of exercises; practice in planning and presenting activities for special programs.

KINE 4307 Secondary Kinesiology: 3 semester hours.

Scientific examination of current human movement concepts, emphasis on curricular and evaluative concepts designed to assist the student in selecting, appraising, utilizing and analyzing movement related materials, resources, and instruments.
Prerequisites: KINE 3033 or KINE 3303.

KINE 4308 Administrative Management of Kinesiology: 3 semester hours.

This course studies the principles and fundamentals in the organization, administration and supervision of the health, kinesiology, intramural, and athletic programs.
Prerequisites: KINE 1208 and KINE 1217 and BIOL 2301 and BIOL 2101 and BIOL 2302 and BIOL 2102.

KINE 4309 Practicum in Athletic Training: 3 semester hours.

Designed to acquaint the Athletic Trainer Intern, Pre-Physical Therapist, and Sports Certified Specialist with the principles of application for an orthopedic examination of the joints and muscles. A hands-on clinical approach to physical assessment and rehabilitation techniques involving basic theories and principles.
Prerequisites: KINE 4232 or KINE 4322.

KINE 4310 Research Methods: 3 semester hours.

This course is designed to acclimate students to current research and the research process in their chosen field of study through exploration of scientific writings.

KINE 4315 Education Preparation: 3 semester hours.

Detailed study of selected topics and activities.

KINE 4322 Advanced Athletic Injuries: 3 semester hours.

This course provides knowledge of clinical procedures with an emphasis on application techniques, therapeutic modalities, therapeutic exercise, and rehabilitative practices.
Prerequisites: KINE 4304 or KINE 4042.

KINE 4323 Fitness Program: 3 semester hours.

This course uses health, wellness and fitness assessments to develop healthy lifestyles.

KINE 4399 Independent Study: 1-3 semester hour.

Readings, research and/or field work on selected topics.

KINE 4619 Internship in Health and Kinesiology: 6 semester hours.

Supervised study and practice in community, recreation, sports, fitness, and rehabilitation centers, hospitals, clinics, and other approved agencies, organizations and institutions.
Prerequisites: KINE 2308.