Marketing (MRKT)


MRKT 3310 Principles of Marketing: 3 semester hours.

A study of the importance of marketing in the American economy. An intensive examination of basic marketing variables (product, place, promotion and price) from the viewpoint of management.
Prerequisites: MGMT 1301 or MGMT 1013.

MRKT 3311 Sports, Entertainment, and Event Marketing: 3 semester hours.

Course provides understanding of how marketing concepts can be applied and adapted to sports, entertainment and event marketing. Topics covered include the distinct nature of sports, entertainment and event products and services, sponsorships, endorsements, licensing, venue naming, planning, promoting and pricing.
Prerequisites: MRKT 3310 or MRKT 3103.

MRKT 3331 Retail Management: 3 semester hours.

The nature and functions of retail outlets in the marketing structure are studied. Managerial policies and methods of providing goods and services to the ultimate consumer are also studied.
Prerequisites: MRKT 3310 or MRKT 3103.

MRKT 3332 Salesmanship: 3 semester hours.

Concepts of effective selling including selection of sales staff and their training, management and evaluation, are studied. The basic steps in the selling process are stressed.
Prerequisites: MRKT 3310 or MRKT 3103.

MRKT 3333 Consumer Behavior: 3 semester hours.

An analysis of the processes underlying the purchasing behavior of consumers and the major influences on consumer behavior, including culture, attitudes, and reference groups.
Prerequisites: (MRKT 3103 or MRKT 3310) and (PSYC 1113 or PSYC 2301).

MRKT 4333 Advertising: 3 semester hours.

Fundamentals of the communication process in mass promotion (planning, creating the message, media selection, implementation, and measuring the results).
Prerequisites: MRKT 3103 or MRKT 3310.

MRKT 4334 Marketing Research: 3 semester hours.

Application of the scientific method to the process of obtaining information for structuring marketing strategies and tactics. Emphasis is placed on the role of research in the solution of marketing problems.
Prerequisites: (MRKT 3310 or MRKT 3103) and (MGMT 3301 or MGMT 3013).

MRKT 4335 International Marketing: 3 semester hours.

International marketing opportunities and principles. Marketing tools as a means of adapting the individual domestic business line and its marketing methods to the international environment.
Prerequisites: MRKT 3310 or MRKT 3103.

MRKT 4337 Sales Management: 3 semester hours.

A study of sales management through the use of analytical and problem-solving skills. Managerial responsibilities such as sales force production, sales planning, training of sales staff, sales compensation, establishing territories and controls are covered.
Prerequisites: MRKT 3310 or MRKT 3103.

MRKT 4339 Marketing Communications: 3 semester hours.

An examination of the major elements of promotion including advertising, personal selling, publicity, sales promotion, and the development of an integrated marketing communications plan.
Prerequisites: (MRKT 3310 or MRKT 3103) and MRKT 3333.

MRKT 4341 Distribution Management: 3 semester hours.

An analysis of the policies, decisions and planning related to the distribution of goods and services for consumer and industrial sectors. Covers concepts related to physical distribution and marketing channels.
Prerequisites: MRKT 3310 or MRKT 3103.

MRKT 4342 Fundamentals of E-Marketing: 3 semester hours.

Focuses on key marketing issues in E-commerce via the Internet. Explores concepts of customer relationship management, online communities, and web brand development.
Prerequisites: MRKT 3310 or MRKT 3103 and (MISY 2301 or MISY 2013).

MRKT 4349 Marketing Strategy and Analysis: 3 semester hours.

Capstone course for marketing majors that should be taken in the last semester. Highly applications oriented. The course utilizes projects and problems designed to develop marketing strategies. Emphasizes the dynamics of three major foci: customer, competition, and capabilities of the organization.
Prerequisites: (MRKT 3310 or MRKT 3103) and MRKT 3333.

MRKT 4399 Independent Study: 3 semester hours.

Readings, research and/or field work on selected topics.

MRKT 5300 Concepts of Marketing: 3 semester hours.

Surveys the different aspects of the marketing function, including the use of marketing research to understand consumer and industrial markets and the development of the marketing strategy elements of product, distribution, price, and promotion.

MRKT 5330 Marketing Management: 3 semester hours.

Application course dealing primarily with strategic marketing planning; specifically, the formulation of marketing strategies, evaluation of alternatives, and implementation of a marketing program. Examines selection of target markets, analysis of market data, and the development of a marketing mix to meet target market needs.

MRKT 5331 International Marketing: 3 semester hours.

Analysis of the economic, political, social, and cultural environments of international business and the development of product, price, channels of distribution, and promotion strategies for international markets.
Prerequisites: MRKT 5300 or MRKT 5003.