Department of Accounting, Finance, and Management Information Systems, Undergraduate

Purpose and Goals

The Department of Accounting, Finance, & MIS offers the Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in the following major areas of study: Accounting, Finance and Management Information System (MIS).

The BBA in Accounting program is designed to offer high-quality, comprehensive accounting education which prepares students for immediate employment in the private and public sectors as well as for graduate and professional education (CPA). Students are provided an accounting curriculum built upon a general business education in a liberal arts setting which encourages analytical and creative strategic thinking, as well as ethical conduct that fosters positive competition to develop confident, global-minded professionals with knowledge and skills to become leaders in their organizations. The program learning environment is based on open communication and interaction among faculty, students and potential employers. It provides a structured practical experience through student internship opportunities.

The BBA in Finance program is designed to prepare students for professional careers in the private and public sectors and to prepare them to pursue graduate studies in finance or related disciplines and a professional career. It seeks to provide students with a comprehensive and contemporary education in financial concepts and practices which prepares the graduates to respond to a dynamic national and global environment in the workplace. In addition, the program fosters the development of innovative skills among its graduates and focuses on ethical conduct and professionalism in the work environment.

The BBA in Management Information Systems (MIS) program is designed to prepare students to design, develop, operate, and manage computer software systems and computer-based management information systems. Program content is broad enough to enable students to integrate concepts and apply knowledge and tools of advanced information technology to practical applications in accounting, finance, and operations management. Graduates of the program are competent and capable of working with current and future information systems technology and possess knowledge of business computer languages.

The program is based on a broad liberal arts education, followed by upper-level study in computer-based information systems. In order to achieve the goal of developing students as confident and well-rounded professionals, the program provides an intense learning environment built on student, faculty, and corporate interaction.

Departmental Requirements

The Department of Accounting, Finance, & MIS offers Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree in the areas of Accounting, Finance and Management Information System (MIS). It also offers a concentration in Energy Trading in the BBA Finance.

Special Emphasis Options

4+1 Program in Accounting

The 4+1 program in accounting is designed to help accounting students move seamlessly into the Masters of Science in Accounting program upon completion of the Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) program in accounting. Eligible students are allowed to earn dual credit (i.e., double-count) in two graduate courses (6 SCH) in the senior year toward meeting the degree requirements of both BBA and MS programs. 

In addition to the enhancement of knowledge in the accounting discipline, the 4+1 program helps students academically prepare for the rigorous CPA exam. Students enrolled in the program become eligible for the Fifth-Year Accounting Student Scholarship Program, available through the Texas State Board of Public Accountancy.  For additional information about the admission and degree requirements for the MS in Accounting and MBA programs, see the Graduate Programs in the Business section of the Academic Catalog.

Certified Public Accountant (CPA) Exam 

The Texas Public Accountancy Act of 1991 requires 150 hours of academic credits as a prerequisite to register and sit for the 1997 Uniform Certified Public Accountancy (CPA) Examination. Completing an MS in Accounting degree is a good way to earn additional credit hours beyond the bachelor's degree. Students desiring a career as a CPA should consider admission to the MS Accounting program to become eligible for the CPA examination (150 hours).  Joining the 4+1 program provides smooth transition into the MS program. For additional information on the MS in Accounting program, consult the Academic Catalog under the Department of Accounting, Finance, & MIS Graduate Program.

The Department of Accounting, Finance, and Management Information Systems offers degrees in the following undergraduate programs:

Program Degree Offered
Accounting BBA
Finance BBA
Management Information Systems BBA