College of Engineering, Graduate

Purpose and Goals

The graduate Engineering programs are designed to enhance the student’s research capabilities and to make the student more competitive in the professional practice. They are the continuation of the intellectual, scholarly and professional development of the individual producing technological leaders and creative engineers and computer scientists devoted to the discovery, development, and refinement of knowledge and methodologies associated with the various engineering and computer disciplines. Each degree candidate is expected to have demonstrated the highest degree of professional ethics and standards. The College of Engineering provides excellent facilities in support of its graduate programs. For more information on our discipline-specific graduate programs:

Admission to Programs

Master’s Programs

The following are university admission requirements to the master’s programs in the College of Engineering. Students will be awarded graduate degree status admission if they satisfy all the admission requirements.

  1. Meet the requirements for admission to Graduate Studies.
  2. Have an undergraduate degree from an ABET (or equivalent) accredited program.
  3. Have a cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) of 2.75 on a 4.00 scale.
  4. Have a previous educational background in the intended area of study.

Students may be awarded non-degree admission status if they satisfy the requirements as outlined in the catalog section “Types of Admission” under Admissions Information and Requirements.

Doctoral Program

The following are admission requirements to the Doctor of Philosophy program in the Department of Electrical Engineering. The candidate should:

  1. Hold a baccalaureate degree in engineering, mathematics, or the physical sciences conferred by a regionally accredited institution.
  2. Have a 2.75 Grade Point Average (GPA) on a four-point scale on all completed undergraduate course work.
  3. Hold a Masters of Science degree in Electrical Engineering or one of the related disciplines, conferred by an accredited institution.
  4. Have a 3.2 GPA on all completed graduate work.
  5. Produce original transcripts for all academic work completed at the undergraduate and graduate levels.
  6. Submit three letters of recommendation. These should preferably come from faculty sufficiently acquainted with the student to comment on the student’s potential to successfully complete the doctoral program.
  7. Submit a personal statement describing the applicant’s academic or professional accomplishments, research interest, and professional goals.
  8. International students may be required to take the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL); a score of 550, or higher, is required.