Educational Leadership (EDUL)


EDUL 7300 Fundamental Components of Strategic Thinking: 3 semester hours.

Designed to help students understanding the process of strategic thinking, visioning and the establishment and achievement of organizational goals and objectives.

EDUL 7301 Strategic Planning in Educational Leadership: 3 semester hours.

Focuses on the process of strategic planning in educational leadership and how external environments and internal dynamics affect planning procedures.

EDUL 7304 Organizational Development and Change in Education: 3 semester hours.

Explores global educational change from the perspectives of classical/rational organizational theory, open systems theory, contingency theory, and social systems theories. Educational leaders will understand the dynamics of educational change and the process to manage change.

EDUL 7305 Diversity in Educational Institutions: 3 semester hours.

Examines critical issues related to providing leadership for diverse student populations. Educational and Social Service leaders will understand what it means to be a culturally responsive and learn strategies to rectify current race, class, and gender inequities that exist throughout educational systems.

EDUL 7307 Special Topics: 3 semester hours.

An examination of special topics related to educational leadership. This course may be repeated when topics vary.
Prerequisites: EDUL 7360 or EDUL 7603.

EDUL 7308 Internship I Observation and Field Experience: 3 semester hours.

Field based experience designed to provide educational leaders with the opportunity to observe in varied social agencies.

EDUL 7309 Internship II Administrative Applications: 3 semester hours.

Field based experience designed to provide educational leaders with the opportunity to participate in actual administrative situations and problems in varied educational settings.

EDUL 7310 Educational Research and Evaluation: 3 semester hours.

Generation, analysis, and use of data and information relevant to decision making at the case, program, and policy levels. Students will learn and expand skill in the collection, analysis and use of data related to fundamental aspects of social service work practice, problem assessment and definition, intervention formulation, refinement and evaluation.

EDUL 7314 Educational Technology and Organizations: 3 semester hours.

Examines the role of technology in organizations, learning in the workplace and knowledge management in schools and universities.

EDUL 7317 Data-Driven Decision Making: 3 semester hours.

Provides educational leaders with research and evaluation tools useful for the systematic collection and analysis of data in order to guide decisions to improve the performance of all students. Emphasis will be placed on curriculum and instruction data that can be analyzed to improve teaching and learning.

EDUL 7321 School Law and Policy: 3 semester hours.

An examination of legal principles and laws affecting the management and administration of educational institutions. Emphasis will be placed on federal and state laws, local system; current legal issues; and the interconnectedness of policy-making, laws, and policies.

EDUL 7322 Governance in P-20 Institutions: 3 semester hours.

Examines school governance and the current practices related to governance in education. Class participants will have the opportunity to create and or refine their understanding of governance with the exploration of current issues in the governance process.

EDUL 7324 School - Community Relations: 3 semester hours.

Explores the relationship between schools and the communities in which they are imbedded. Specific focus will be placed on, but not limited to, school board relations; site based decision-making, parental involvement, community politics, bond elections, and informing the public.

EDUL 7325 Ethical Decision Making in Educational Leadership: 3 semester hours.

Provides students with the opportunity to apply the concepts of ethical decision making to the personal and professional aspects of educational leadership. The concepts of reasoning, problem solving, and critical thinking will be examined.

EDUL 7326 Critical Issues in Educational Leadership: 3 semester hours.

Examines the current and critical issues in educational leadership. Class participants will have the opportunity to develop strategies to address critical issues found in the educational arena.

EDUL 7328 School Curriculum Leadership: 3 semester hours.

Examines the role of educational leasership in designing and improving curriculum and instruction. The focus of this course is on identifying the leader's role in diagnosing and implementing relevant and effective curriculum at the classroom, school and district level.

EDUL 7330 Public School Finance and Resource Allocation: 3 semester hours.

Explores all facets of the budgeting and resource allocation process. The administrative functions of planning, organizing, staffing, and evaluating will be stressed as it related to local, state, and federal fiscal requirements.

EDUL 7333 Grant Writing: 3 semester hours.

Examines the art of grantsmanship and the procedure to locate and submit grants to public and private funding sources.

EDUL 7336 Advanced Qualitative and Quantitative Research: 3 semester hours.

Overview of doctoral level advanced quantitative and qualitative research methods in education.
Prerequisites: EDUL 7360 or EDUL 7603 and (EDUL 7361 or EDUL 7613).

EDUL 7350 Human Resources Administration in Education: 3 semester hours.

Survey and examination of roles, responsibilities, and functions of personnel officers in education, studies in general personnel policies; review of administration of insurance, salary, retirement, sick leave, and other programs under personnel administration.

EDUL 7352 Teacher Supervision, Evaluation and Professional Development: 3 semester hours.

Explores the knowledge base, standards, and theory base of staff development; activities that allow students to design a comprehensive staff development program in K-12 schools.

EDUL 7360 Quantitative Research Design and Analysis: 3 semester hours.

Examines advanced competencies to conceptualize, design, execute, analyze, report, and publish quantitative research that delivers new and useful knowledge. Course content will balance research theory and computer-based tools with applications to real world problems.

EDUL 7361 Qualitative Research Design and Analysis: 3 semester hours.

An introductory course intended to provide a broad understanding of the foundations, purposes, and principles of qualitative research in education, as well as an introduction to a variety of qualitative research designs, data collection methods, and analysis strategies.

EDUL 7363 Educational Statistics: 3 semester hours.

An explanation of quantitative designs including descriptive and inferential statistical procedures: to include multivariate and non-parametric techniques.

EDUL 7370 Higher Education Administration: 3 semester hours.

Analysis of current practices and issues in the governance of higher education that affect students, faculty, and administration: study of the scope and role of college and universities.

EDUL 7371 Higher Education Finance and Management: 3 semester hours.

Examines how higher education institutions are financed. Emphasis will be placed on financing mechanisms from local, state and federal sources and how funding impacts higher education institutions.

EDUL 7372 The Role of Student Affairs in Higher Education: 3 semester hours.

Provides the graduate student with a comprehensive introduction to the field of college student personnel and it's role in American higher education. A related goal is to develop a broad foundation of knowledge to which subsequent study, practitioner skills and research strategies may be added.

EDUL 7374 Higher Education Policy and Analysis: 3 semester hours.

Examines how current higher education policies are made. Emphasis is placed on analysis of these policies and their impact on higher education access, particularly for diverse populations.

EDUL 7375 Assessing Higher Education Environments: 3 semester hours.

Focus on dimensions of human environments as tools for understanding the effects of educational environments on students. Special consideration will be given to various policies and applications of educational practices.

EDUL 7376 Institutional Effectiveness, Assessment and Accreditation: 3 semester hours.

The purpose of this course is to acquaint academic leaders with a comprehensive set of knowledge and skills for the effective assessment of college students' learning. The course will focus on different assessment strategies as they are applied in different contexts.

EDUL 7377 College Teaching Theories, Models and Strategies: 3 semester hours.

The purpose of this course is to explore theories and practices of teaching in a college setting. Emphasis will be placed on adult learning theories and on the ever-changing modes of teaching and learning.

EDUL 7399 Independent Study: 1-3 semester hour.

Readings, research and/or field work on selected topics.

EDUL 8300 Dissertation: 1-3 semester hour.

Studies, program procedures, and dissertation issues. May be repeated.

EDUL 8301 Dissertation Seminar: 3 semester hours.

This course will help students design and complete the dissertation including data collection, analysis, written report, and oral defense.

EDUL 8600 EDUL Dissertation: 6 semester hours.

Studies, program procedures, and dissertation issues. May be repeated.