Information Bulletin


Prairie View A&M University

Published October 2018

The online version of the Prairie View A&M University Information Bulletin is the official version. This bulletin was last updated on September 13, 2018.


The provisions of this document do not constitute a contract, expressed or implied, between any applicant, student, or faculty member and Prairie View A&M University or The Texas A&M University System. Prairie View A&M University and The Texas A&M University System reserve the right to withdraw courses at any time and to change fees, rules, calendar, curriculum, degree programs, degree requirements, graduation procedures, and any other requirements affecting students, staff and faculty. The policies, regulations and procedures stated in this bulletin are subject to change without prior notice, and changes become effective whenever the appropriate authorities so determine and may apply both to prospective students and those currently enrolled. University rules and procedures are required to be consistent with policies adopted by The Texas A&M University System Board of Regents and are in compliance with state and federal laws. This document is a general information publication only, and it does not contain all regulations that related to students.

While every effort is made to assure that information is accurate, Prairie View A&M University does not assume responsibility for any misrepresentation which might arise through error in the preparation of this or any other of its catalogs. To be assured of accuracy of information, students must regularly consult current publications and academic advisors.