The Texas A&M University System

Board Of Regents

Name Title Location
Tim Leach Chairman San Antonio
Bill Mahomes Vice Chairman Dallas
Robert L. Albritton Member, Board of Regents Fort Worth
James R. Brooks Member, Board of Regents San Angelo
Jay Graham Member, Board of Regents Houston
Micahel A. Hernandez III Member, Board of Regents Fort Worth
Elaine Mendoza Member, Board of Regents Houston
Michael J. Plank Member, Board of Regents Houston
Cliff Thomas Member, Board of Regents Victoria
Matilin Rigsby Student Regent

 System Administration

Name Title
John Sharp Chancellor
Billy Hamilton Deputy Chancellor and Chief Financial Officer
Yossef Elabd Interim Vice Chancellor for Research
Ray Bonilla General Counsel
James R. Hallmark Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs
Maria L. Robinson Chief Investment Officer and Treasurer
Philip Ray Vice Chancellor for Business Affairs
Charlie Hrncir Chief Auditor
Mark Stone Chief Information Officer
Jenny Jones Vice Chancellor for Govern Mental Relations
Laylan Copelin Vice Chancellor for Marketing and Communications
W. Nim Kidd Vice Chancellor for Disaster and Emergency Services
M. Katherine Banks Vice Chancellor of National Laboratories
John Hurtado Interim Vice Chancellor of Engineering
Patrick Stover Vice Chancellor & Dean of Agriculture and Life Sciences
Stanton Calvert Vice Chancellor Emeritus
Frank Ashley Vice Chancellor Emeritus