Student Conduct

Exemplary behavior is the hallmark of a Prairie View Man and a Prairie View Woman. Prairie View A&M University has a legacy of producing proud productive Panthers. In reflecting over this legacy, several guidelines for what it means to be a Panther have emerged. These include a Commitment to Excellence, the Prairie View A&M University Code of Honor and high ideals for the Prairie View Man and Woman which are described in the PVAMU Code of Student Conduct. Upon registration, students automatically become members of the Prairie View A&M University community and, as such, assume full responsibility for conducting themselves according to these expectations at all times.

Conduct standards at the University are set forth in writing in order to give students general notice of prohibited conduct. These rules should be read broadly and are not designed to define prohibited conduct in exhaustive terms. Some of these regulations may also be found in other University publications such as the catalog and the residential lease agreement. When changes are necessary, they will be written, approved and posted on the Student Affairs web site as an addendum to this document.

The PVAMU Code of Student Conduct shall apply to conduct that occurs on the University premises, at PVAMU sponsored activities, and to off campus conduct that adversely affects the University community and/or the pursuit of its objectives. Each student shall be responsible for his/her conduct from the time of application for admission through the actual awarding of a degree, even though conduct may occur before classes begin or after classes end, as well as during the academic year and during periods between terms of actual enrollment (and even if their conduct is not discovered until after a degree is awarded). The Student Conduct Code shall apply to a student’s conduct even if the student withdraws from school while a disciplinary matter is pending. The Student Conduct Officer shall determine whether the Student Conduct Code shall be applied to conduct occurring off campus, on a case by case basis.

Violation of any municipal ordinance, law of the State of Texas or law of the United States may result in disciplinary action. Any disciplinary action imposed by the University may precede and may be in addition to any penalty that might be imposed by any off campus authority. Every student, including those who are participating in any program that is University sponsored, on or off campus, must abide by the rules and regulations governing student conduct. The rules and regulations are available in the PVAMU Planner (distributed yearly) and on the Internet ( Additional copies are available by contacting the Office of Student Conduct or the Office of the Associate Vice President for Student Affairs.