Purpose and Goals

The Department of Chemistry offers a program of advanced study that prepares graduate students for careers in research, teaching, or industry. Graduate training in the department is multifaceted and flexible, depending on the interests and needs of the student. The program includes coursework, seminars, teaching and/or research, experience, and writing of a thesis.

Admission Requirements

Students who plan to work toward the MS degree in chemistry must fulfill the following undergraduate requirements: two semesters of inorganic chemistry, one semester of analytical chemistry, two semesters of organic chemistry, and two semesters of physical chemistry. It is expected that the average grades in these chemistry courses and in related courses will not be less than a grade of “C”. A student must meet the admission requirements as outlined by the Office of Graduate Studies.  Additional information on admission requirements is available in the Academic Catalog Graduate Studies section.  

Program Requirements 

A student whose overall GPA in graduate coursework falls below 3.0 on a 4.0 scale will be required to demonstrate improvement during the next enrollment or be discontinued in the program. The department reserves the right to administer a qualifying examination to these students and to advise them on courses they can take to successfully complete the graduate degree.

Advancement to Candidacy

The Application for Candidacy Form must be approved by the department head, Dean of Arts and Sciences, and submitted to the Dean of Graduate Studies for approval. Research projects for the thesis will be assigned before the student is approved as a candidate.