Division Of Social Sciences, Undergraduate

Academic Standards

Students must earn a minimum grade of “C” in all classes pertaining to their major and in those required in the support area and unrestricted electives. Furthermore, a minimum grade of “C” is required in the minor area (if applicable).

Teacher Certification

The Division of Social Sciences allows those students interested in pursuing a career in the K-12 academic environment to major in either history or political sciences and still obtain the teacher’s certification. The degree will be designated as a Bachelor of Arts in History or Political Science degree with secondary teacher certification.

Students pursuing the teacher’s certification must consult with their advisor in the Division of Social Sciences within their first two semesters of study at Prairie View A&M University to ensure timely completion of the University’s core curriculum before applying to the Whitlowe R. Green College of Education. For more information on the requirements and guidelines for admission to the teacher’s certification program, students should see the teacher certification section of the catalog under the Whitlowe R. Green College of Education.

African American Studies Program

Mission and Vision

African American Studies is an interdisciplinary academic pursuit that explores and elucidates the lived experiences of African descendant people in the United States and globally. The African American Studies program ultimately seeks to equip the next generation of academic scholars, activists, and leaders. We align our endeavor with the original Black Studies mission to document black life, produce rigorous academic research, challenge students to think critically and engage with the broader community about the role African descendant peoples have played in US nation building and world making beyond its borders.

Program Goals

  1. Ensure students receive an appropriate grounding in the field's major themes and can place these themes in a historical context and use the knowledge to address the social science issues of race, racism, and inequality in African Americans' lives.
  2. Develop students' critical, analytical, research, writing, and oral skills.
  3. Emphasize the importance of diverse perspectives and intersecting identities in understanding the lives of African Americans.
  4. Promote civic and community engagement activities among students and faculty to enhance African American communities.